Casino Will Be in the Upcoming GTA Online Update: Rumor

According to a tweeter who somehow has access to a leak, GTA Online’s upcoming update may include the addition of a casino. The user confirmed that this will undoubtedly be in the upcoming update by posting a screenshot of the GTA Online Casino building on Twitter.

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This might just be a rumor, but if it’s real, users of GTA Online will have to spend some money on cards in the upcoming upgrades.

The user, however, obtained the information via a background script that is locked for some specific dates and once it arrives the adjustments will be implemented including the new add-on in GTA Online. The tweet does not provide enough information about the next upgrade.

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Rockstar regularly releases events and upgrades for GTA Online, enabling players from all around the world to take part in brand-new missions and earn incredible rewards.

For the most recent details on event weeks, competitions and giveaways, live streaming, etc.

, check the Rockstars Social Club event page.