All Locations in Arcane Odyssey (Map Guide)

Are you a fan of the popular Roblox game, Arcane Odyssey? Are you struggling to find all the locations in the game?

The newest Roblox game, Arcane Odyssey, is quickly gaining popularity. You will need to explore to take control of new territories while battling other players and governing the seas as a clan. It is simple to get lost and even overwhelmed in this Roblox game because of its enormous overworld. 

But we’ve got you covered. In this article, we will provide you with the ultimate guide to all the Arcane Odyssey locations on the map.

Arcane Odyssey Locations Guide and Map

Arcane Odyssey Locations Guide and Map

We have grouped all the places alphabetically to make it more simple. Let’s get started with our Arcane Odyssey Map guide right away. View every location listed below:

Keep Akursius

Akursius Keep is a strange island that may be found southwest of the Bronze Sea. In fact, it resembles the stronghold at Ravenna that was abandoned. Tier 1 Insanity will strike your character the moment they step foot here.

Nightpine Isle

The Northern Bronze Sea is where you may locate Darkpine Isle. It is about halfway between Redwake and Frostmill Island. One of the seven islands in the Bronze Sea that can be taken by force. Additionally, there are dangerous NPCs called Shipwrights who live here. And that’s not all—Pine Cones are also growing all over the island.

Island of Dawn

In Arcane Odyssey, Dawn Island serves as your beginning island. It is situated on Redwake’s western side. For the first time, you will spawn on an island that is always covered in a violent thunderstorm. The island is filled with birds and has a wide range of trees growing there.

Island Elm

Elm Island will be one of the first Islands you can access in the game. A little island called that can be found in the Northern Bronze Sea. On this island, you can also run into Edward Kenton, the task giver.

Castle Talos

The primary base of the Bronze Legion in the Bronze Sea is Fort Talos. This area is highly secured by soldiers, so be on the lookout. Additionally, the island has port cannons that shoot at surrounding ships. You will have a chance to obtain the Lance of Loyalty if you defeat General Argos.

Arctic Island

At the center of the Bronze Sea, on a mountain range covered in glaciers, sits Frostmill Island. One of the coldest regions in Arcane Odyssey, it also contains criminal activities brought on by Brigands and ice smugglers.

Vineyard Island

Harvest Island is a moderate-sized island that can be found to the east of Silverhold. Inside the broad bay of this island are two whirlpools. It is one of the seven islands that can be conquered in the Arcane Odyssey.

Key Lime Stone

A tiny island called Limestone Key is situated in the Northern Bronze Sea. Given that this island has a Secret Location in Arcane Odyssey, it can possibly take you some time to locate it. You can find a shipwreck with chests spread all around it on the southern shore.

Coconut Isle

North of Dawn Island, near Elm Island, lies a little island called Mango Isle. It is the only place in the world where mangoes organically spawn, as is clear from the name. Coconuts and marjoram herbs are also available here.

Alp Othrys

Mount Othrys is the most southerly island in the Bronze Sea. In Arcane Odyssey, this is where players travel to receive their First Awakening.

Garden of Munera

Munera Garden, a large island, is situated to the north of Sailor’s Lodge. Additionally, peaches naturally grow on this island.

Town of Palo

A little settlement called Palo Town is situated on an island in the Bronze Sea. The village is primarily made up of fishermen and traders from all across the War Seas.

Map of Ravenna from Arcane Odyssey

The sixth narrative setting in Arcane Odyssey is Ravenna. It has a mountain, a wilderness region, a castle, three villages, and an extensive network of mines. It is also the largest island in the Bronze Sea as a result.

Redwake Redwake is a Bronze Sea island covered in spires made of stone. It plays a significant role early on in the game’s narrative.

Seamen’s Lodge

The Bronze Marine contains a marine platform called Sailors Lodge. Shipwrights and merchant crews from all over the War Seas reside there.

Island Sandfall

The Bronze Sea contains a little desert island called Sandfall Isle. Northwest of Ravenna is where it is situated. Prickly pears and sun caraways can only be found there naturally.

Turtle Island

A circle of stone spires encircles the sizable tropical and mountainous island known as Shell Island.


Silverhold on the Bronze Sea is the first fort of the Grand Navy. You can also use it to dispose of your loot.

The Cernunno Forest

In the southern portion of the Bronze Sea, close to the north of Shell Island, is a medium-sized island called The Forest of Cernunno. Numerous Greenwish Cultists reside there, notably Cernyx.

Southern and Northern Jaws

The Northeastern Bronze Sea contains a sizable area known as The Jaws. The Northern Jaws and the Southern Jaws are separated from it. Stepstones and Whitesummit can be found on the southern end of the Southern Jaws, while Redwake is situated halfway between the two halves.

The Foundations

The Stepstones is a massive mountain that towers above the sky. South of Redwake is where it is situated.

Thorin’s Shelter

Southwest of Frostmill Island is a tiny island called Thorin’s Refuge. It bears the name Thorin after a neutral shipbuilder.

Discreet Caverns

Southwest of Frostmill Island lies a deserted island called Whispering Caverns. Additionally, Giant Greencaps can only be found naturally growing there.


East of The Stepstones, in the Bronze Sea, is an island called Whitesummit. It is in the Assassin Syndicate’s possession. Outlaws and criminals from the broader Seas also find refuge on the island.

Island of Wind-Row

A medium-sized island in the Bronze Sea, Wind-Row Island is situated close to Ravenna. The island is divided in the center by a sizable valley. The Wind-Row Wolves, a gang of thieves, are also present.

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And that concludes our guide to All Arcane Odyssey Locations (Map Guide)! We hope this guide has helped you find all the locations in the game and explore the magical world of the Arcane Odyssey. Remember to always be prepared for the challenges that await you, and team up with your friends to conquer the islands together. 

Happy exploring!