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Was the GTA 6 logo a leak or an Easter egg? (Answered)

Many sharp-eyed GTA fans recently noticed something on a GTA Online automobile livery that caused quite a few questions. Others think it’s merely an Easter Egg, despite the fact that many have started calling it a GTA 6 logo leak.  It is very tempting to latch onto anything that seems like hope when you are a GTA fan who has been waiting for any news about the anticipated GTA 6 for almost ten years.  Therefore, if you’re curious about the logo leaks claim and have questions of your own, we encourage you to read on because we’ll put your concerns to rest.

The Design Elements of the GTA 6 Logo

The GTA 6 Logo is a mix of modern and classic design elements that have been perfected over the years. The logo has a unique color palette that adds to its overall design and appeal. Here are some design elements that make the GTA 6 Logo stand out:

    The Hidden Meanings Behind the GTA 6 Logo

    The GTA 6 Logo is not just a simple logo; it has hidden meanings that are sure to excite fans of the series. Here are some hidden meanings behind the logo:

      Is the Car Livery a GTA 6 logo leak or an Easter Egg?

      While Rockstar will undoubtedly withhold an official statement, we cannot state categorically that the Car Livery is an Easter Egg, it is in no way a GTA 6 Logo leak.  Despite Rockstar’s complete lack of communication since the game’s announcement, the September leaks provided gamers with something to anticipate.  The variant of the eCola bottle that was seen in these leaks was also featured on the Car Livery in GTA Online, which excited many fans. It is safe to assume that this is an Easter Egg rather than a logo leak because of this. The Hotring Everon does include a new variation of the eCola bottle we just discussed, as you can see from this tweet from Gaming Detective.