A New Playable Character Is Causing Chaos In Dota 2

After being teased back in August, Mars is now available for play in Dota 2. He was introduced back in August, but it took some time for him to be revealed.

The warrior deity Mars flourishes in the midst of conflict, protected by the weight of a deadly shield while he skewers opponents with his famed spear, according to his bio on the Dota 2 website

He enjoys fighting opponents in an arena surrounded by devoted spearmen who ensure that no one flees and that, despite the odds, the god of war can choose the rules of engagement because the crowd is always on his side.

List of Special Skills and Potential of Dota’s New Playable Character

Here is a list of his special skills and potential.

Mars has the ability to toss his spear, impaling opponents into any trees or walls they may be in front of.

Rebuke from God

A shield bash that knocks attackers back and deals respectable damage to its adversaries.


Mars is able to successfully repel any side attack.

Stadium of Blood

The final ability is absolutely fascinating because he creates a Stonehenge-like fortress around himself that outside adversaries cannot breach and that his undead warriors would use to take out anyone stuck inside.

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