What Is The Warzone 2 Apparition Operator Nuke Skin Procedure?

One of the most difficult skins to obtain in Warzone 2 and MW2 is the Apparition Operator, sometimes known as the Nuke Skin. Players from all around the world are making every effort to obtain it. 

But why is it so distinctive? 

In MW2, there are a number of skins that you can purchase for money. However, in the case of the Nuke skin, you must accomplish nearly impossible tasks in order to obtain it.

Apparition Operator in Warzone 2: How to Get Nuke Skin

Apparition Operator in Warzone 2: How to Get Nuke Skin

By obtaining a Nuke and igniting it, players in Warzone 2 can gain the Apparition Operator skin. It’s easier said than done to acquire a nuke. You must meet the following prerequisites in order to do so:

  1. Get five straight victories in Warzone 2.
  2. Pick up the “Champions Quest” contract in the sixth game.
  3. Gather the three components that the nuke needs to be armed.
  4. Go to the bomb site indicated on the map after gathering all the necessary components.
  5. Place the components in the bomb, then stand guard over it for two minutes until it explodes.

When the nuke detonates, you immediately succeed. Along with the skin for the Apparition Operator, you will also receive the following benefits:

  • Emblem of Quest Nuke
  • Quest Radioactive Sticker Boom Box Charm Calling Card

Advice for Finishing the Champions Quest and Obtaining Nuke Skin

The other players will be informed when you complete the Champions Quest since you will instantly win if you explode the Nuke. So we advise you to play as a squad to finish this mission. In this manner, if you fall, other people can help you get back up. 

Even if you pass away, the timer will still While your team is still alive, the nuke timer will continue to run.

Make sure you have all the tools and advantages need. We advise starting your search for a self revitalize right away. In order to move around the map and collect the elements, you’ll need need a vehicle. In this quest, an LTV will work best.

The handling of “Elements” is another consideration. Your location on the map will be made known to other players as soon as you pick up an element. Additionally, you will sustain continual harm. 

After gathering all necessary components, a jailbreak will take place. The game will resume with all of the downed operators in the lobby. This will make guarding the bomb by yourself more difficult. So make sure you have a team keeping an eye on you.