In Warzone 2, where is Ashika Island Beach Club Observatory?

Where is Ashika Island Beach Club Observatory located on the new Warzone and DMZ maps released with Season 2 of Warzone 2? Everything you require to know about finding it on Ashika Island is covered in full in this guide. 

In order to complete your DMZ Faction missions, we will also demonstrate how to raid it of all its items properly.

Where is the Warzone 2 DMZ’s Ashika Island Beach Club Observatory?

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In reality, one of the spawn points you might obtain while starting DMZ on Ashika Island is the Ashika Island Beach Club. Fortunately, the map isn’t very large, so you can get there rather soon if you don’t start there.

The Beach Club sector of the map contains Ashika Island Beach Club. Boats and jet skis should have no trouble getting to this region, which is on the south edge of the map. But unlike Muddy Waters, you do not need to be here to carry out your DMZ objectives.

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You must travel to the Observatory Deck that is connected to it. It is located off the southern shore and is accessible through a bridge. It is the circular structure visible in the water in the image above.

When you arrive at the Ashika Island Beach Club’s Observatory Deck, turn to face the north side of it before jumping into the sea below. You’ll discover a broken window, allowing you to get inside. 

When you enter this, boxes should be scattered about for you to search. The USB stick from the Shadow Company can be found in one of these crates.

You have now obtained the priceless things required for your DMZ quest.