Best Locations For Landing In Warzone 2’s Ashika Island

Which POIs on the new Ashika Island map from Warzone 2‘s Season 2 are the greatest spots to land on this island with a Japanese theme? The “Isle of the Sea Lion” map, which is also known by that name, is a bit larger than the Warzone revival maps from earlier versions.

It has a variety of underground tunnels and secret passageways for swift egress or safe rotation into the ring. Despite this, the hot zones and the end game can still be a little chaotic.

In Season 2 of Warzone 2, where should I land on Ashika Island?

In <a href=Season 2 of Warzone 2, where should I land on Ashika Island?

The following locations on the Ashika Island Resurgence map are recommended for landing:

Let’s examine each area in more detail and see why Warzone 2 players should land there.

Ashika Port

Port Ashika, was built on a concrete base and was given the name of the island it is located on. A canal splits it in two and enters the subterranean Waterways directly in the center.

There is lots of loot here, however, it is dispersed like the buildings. The benefit of that is that squad won’t concentrate on landing in one building, so you may choose a safer place to land in the neighborhood.

Town Center’s Event Center Building

The brilliant light-blue concrete enclosing this building’s corridors makes it very distinctive.

The Town Center area of the map contains the Event Center Building. There is a sizable building inside with a ton of stuff. There are plenty of other excellent buildings with respectable loot all around them as well.

You can easily detour to one of those other buildings if too many people are arriving at the Event Center Building. This building offers excellent rotations and easy access to the waterways below.

Surf Club

The Beach Club is a massive POI with numerous substantial buildings. Additionally, it houses the Ashika Aquarium, which is filled with valuable loot. Because there are so many alternatives for buildings to land on, it’s a wonderful place to drop in.

Larger squads will benefit the most from this location because each member can leave with respectable equipment and cash. From here, it’s easy to rotate to the Tsuki Castle, Town Center, and the Waterways.

Ganikku Farms’ greenhouses

Greenhouses rule Ganikku Farms, which is located on Ashika Island in Warzone 2. There are numerous warehouse-style buildings scattered across the vast Greenhouse region, all of which are simple to find and comprehend. Each of them also offers respectable loot.

Additionally, it contains two sizable residential structures facing the slope across from it. These structures can also serve as suitable landing zones before being rotated into greenhouses.

You can either turn northward toward residential areas or southward toward the Town Center from here. You can also move in that direction and reach Tsuki Castle if you have the courage.

Castle Tsuki

Tsuki Castle, the most notable structure on Ashika Island, is located atop a hill near the map’s center. Additionally, it is the highest spot on the map. There are numerous distinct areas of the castle that contain a ton of riches.

Try to obtain a rifle as soon as you land in the castle’s Main Stronghold because it will frequently be a hot area for everyone to land.

The North Museum Grounds is another area that is included. If you don’t want to drop into the Main Stronghold area of the castle, this location also provides a lot of loot and can be a decent substitute.

It is simple to rotate the castle in practically any place on the globe because it is in the middle and situated on high ground.