How to Locate the Research Center Room in Warzone 2’s DMZ?

Warzone 2 included a ton of brand-new tasks for the DMZ, but where can you find the Research Center Room to finish these missions? 

These rooms frequently have closed doors and locks. You presumably require access to the locked caches that are inside them. It might be simpler to obtain the keys to these locations, though than to locate them. 

This guide will assist you in finding the Research Center Room because of this.

In Warzone 2, where can I find the Research Center Room for the DMZ?

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The Town Center section of the map will contain the Research Center Room. The west side of Ashika Island is shown on this portion of the map. You must now enter the City Hall building from the north side.

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The bridge between Town Center and Beach Club is the best place to access this structure. It is the first structure to the right while looking toward the Town Center side of the bridge. There is no name for this building in the Town Center. 

However, as soon as you enter and pass through its doors, you will notice a sign that reads “Research Center” on the wall.

Remember that a stronghold spawn can be found here as well. You will need a stronghold card key if it is a stronghold in order to access it. Due to needing to battle the AI, it is advisable to stay away from this when it is a stronghold.

Head to the second floor to locate the precise Research Center Room that you are seeking. Find the door that needs the Research Center Door Key and is locked from here. You are looking for the Research Center Room here.