How To Finish The Warzone 2 (MW2) Non-Discriminatory DMZ Mission?

COD Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 DMZ now have a ton of new content thanks to the arrival of season 2. The mission progress reset has left some players upset, but the Crown Faction is also a part of the current season. 

Only MW2 owners are permitted to join this faction. However, as they advance through WZ 2.0’s first tier of the Crown faction, players are unable to finish it. 

You can find out how to finish the Non-discriminatory DMZ mission in Warzone 2 or MW2 by reading our guide.

How to Finish the Non-Discriminatory DMZ Mission in Warzone 2 (MW2)

In order to complete the Non-discriminatory mission in DMZ mode, you primarily need to accomplish two goals or tasks. And here are what they are:

    While defeating the aforementioned foes is generally easier, locating both of them inside the same deployment can be challenging. Let’s look more closely at where to find these foes.

    Where Can I Find Soldiers From Al-Qatala?

    In DMZ mode, the Al-Qatala warriors can be located practically anywhere on the Al-Mazrah map. They are also referred to as AQ soldiers, and they can be found in strongholds, gulags, black sites, and other places. You can either defeat these foes by yourself or with the help of your pals.

    Where in the DMZ Can I Find Shadow Company Soldiers?

    In Warzone 2’s DMZ mode, the Shadow Company Soldier opponents can be seen prowling about the Satiqq Cave complex. It is a POI that can be found in the center of the map of Al-Mazrah. Although there are a lot of these kinds of adversaries on the Ashika map, you must take them out at the same deployment.

    You can find them patrolling the area near the plane crash by going there. These adversaries dress in black clothing, unlike the AQ or Al-Qatala Soldiers. And these NPC soldiers speak English rather than Arabic. 

    As soon as you locate them, kill them by surprise or by charging in without warning. However, for extra information if you are unable to locate them, read our guide on where to find the Shadow Company soldiers in the DMZ.

    The prize for completing the Non-discriminatory task is a key to the Sattiq Poppy Farmer House. This key can be used to open a locked location near the Warzone 2 DMZ map.