Breathing Tier List for Wisteria 2 (2023)

Players in Wisteria 2 are unsure about whether of the game’s four breathing patterns is the strongest. Additionally, the game will soon receive upgrades that will bring two more styles. 

Additionally, you can use a variety of moves from each style. So many players should benefit from a Tier List of the finest breathing techniques for Wisteria 2. The complete list and an explanation of each ranking can be found below.

For Wisteria 2, all breathing patterns are ranked on a tier list.

For Wisteria 2, all breathing patterns are ranked on a tier list.
Breathing StyleTier
FlameS Tier
WaterA Tier
ThunderB Tier
WindB Tier
SunUpcoming Styles
MoonUpcoming Styles

Explaining Breathing Tiers

The S Tier has the best respiratory patterns. Breathing patterns in the A Tier are generally robust and, to some extent, comparable to those in the S Tier. B Tier breathing techniques, meanwhile, are acceptable.

S Tier

We have the Flame breathing style in S Tier. The fact that it has five moves in the game is the main justification for its inclusion. Other than Sun and Moon, which are still under development, only half of the other styles have more than 4 moves. 

So, compared to other breathing techniques, this one already benefits you more. With this technique, you learn the following maneuvers:

  • Unknowing Fire
  • Rising Scorching Sun
  • Blooming Flame Undulation
  • Blazing Universe
  • Flame Tiger

A Tier

We have Water for our A Tier breathing method. You can employ 5 distinct moves in the Water style, much like in the Flame style. It is the second-best strategy you may pick up for this game. Here, you can pick up strong techniques like:

  • Water Surface Slash
  • Water Wheel
  • Flowing Dance
  • Water Fall Basin
  • Splashing Water Flow

B Tier

There are two respiratory patterns present.


One of the coolest breathing techniques in the game, in my opinion. In addition, the assault animations on it look the greatest. Contrary to the aforementioned styles, Thunder only offers the following 4 moves:

  • Thunderclap and Flash
  • Rice Spirit
  • Buzzing Thunder
  • Heat Lightning


In terms of the number of moves, the wind style is comparable to the Thunder style.

  • Dust Whirlwind Cutter
  • Claws-Purifying Wind
  • Rising Dust Storm
  • Black Wind Mountain Mist

It has some fairly potent moves. although not as powerful as those in Tiers S and A.

Upcoming Fashions

These two breathing patterns are still in the works and have not yet been put into the game. There is therefore equal potential for them to be either S-Tier or C-Tier breathing styles once the devs do finish adding them to the game.