How to Unlock the Demonic Path in Wisteria 2 and Become a Demon?

We’ll assist you in turning into a Demon in Wisteria 2 if you’re prepared to take a different course. But before you do, make sure you’re prepared to put in the necessary work to advance in the demon hierarchy.  

You’ll gain demonic strength after becoming a monster, and you’ll also have access to the Demon Arts

Let’s have a look at what you need to do in order to play the game as a Demon, as every decision you make will have an impact on how the game plays out.

How Can I Turn into A Demon in Wisteria 2?

How Can I Turn into A Demon in Wisteria 2?

To turn into a demon in Wisteria 2, you must meet Yoshi and complete the A Different Path main objective. You must be at least level 5 to do this. 

Meet this NPC with white hair if you have already completed the requirements to transform into a demon. You’ll need to complete further tasks after that, which are listed in the article below.

  1. Go ahead and approach Yoshi (an NPC with white hair) first, then select the I wish to follow a different path (Demon) option.
  2. He will then instruct you to see a bald man named Mito in the village for more information.
  3. After that, proceed to the dark cave in Konkyu Village where Machigai will be waiting for you.
  4. He will then present you with an offer, which you must accept, and invite you to meet Asahi in Shizukana Village for more information.
  5. When you first see him in Wisteria 2, he will assign you your first job toward becoming a demon.
  6. You’ll be instructed by Asahi to visit Mizumi Village and speak with Chikazuk.
  7. Chikazuki will be quite rude from the start and lives in a little house.
  8. Simply engage in combat with him and prevail until Asahi gives you the option to Spare or End.
  9. Once you’ve decided, Asahi will ask you to meet Chiyo, Chikazuki’s mother.
  10. To choose whether to End or Spare, simply confront Chiyo and fight her.
  11. When you’re finished, return to Machigai and engage with him to transform into a demon.

Every decision you make will impact your experience, as was already said. So, according to certain gamers, you can keep your soul if you Spare Chikazuki and his mother. But if you take their life, you’ll transform into a devil inside and out.

That is all there is to it when it comes to turning into a demon in Wisteria 2. The Redeem codes will undoubtedly help you in the game whether you’re a demon or a slayer.