How to Fix DirectX Encountered an Unrecoverable Error in MW2 and Warzone 2?

There are a ton of missions in Modern Warfare 2 that will keep you interested for hours. One of them is the White Lotus Faction’s Caved In tier 4-level task. 

Your major objective in this situation is to locate the sensitive documents and exchange them for the smuggling records. Finding the documents is the hardest part of the mission. We can assist you if you are experiencing the same difficulties. 

We’ve listed all the places in this article where you may quickly locate sensitive documents in DMZ MW2

What locations in DMZ MW2 can I find sensitive documents?

Unfortunately, the sensitive documents cannot be found in any particular places in DMZ MW2. This is due to the item’s unpredictable spawning. However, the players claim that there are still some areas you can investigate to quicken the process. 

To find out where you might be able to get the documents, scroll down.

  • Locked Safes
  • Sa’id City Bank
  • AI enemy corpse
  • Police Stations
  • Sawah Hotel in Sawah Village
  • Office buildings Drawers

To get started, just seek for the DMZ MW2 Sensitive Documents in the places provided. Simply finish the remainder of the assignment to get the prizes after finding the object you’re seeking for. 

Below is a brief walkthrough of what you need to perform in the quest “Caved In” for your convenience.

Caved In Mission Overview

Here is a brief guide for the Modern Warfare 2 mission Caved In. 

  • Once you acquire the sensitive documents, get a boat and sail to the Sattiq Caves Complex’s caves.
  • Take your boat inside far enough to record the achievement of the goal. But be mindful of the guards you will encounter. Additionally, one of them will attempt to use a rocket launcher to take you down.
  • The Smuggling Records can then be found inside the shanty indicated in the above image, next to the bed.
  • Simply take the illegal records and replace them with your sensitive documents.

And that’s how the White Lotus Faction’s Caved In tier 4 objective is completed. Unfortunately, a lot of people have been complaining that the game doesn’t recognize when a mission is finished. It specifically does not record the exchanging of documents. 

Try placing the documents repeatedly if you are still having trouble, or ask a colleague to do it for you. You’re left with no choice except to wait for the developers to fix the bug if that doesn’t resolve your problem.