How To Get A Minecraft Elytra?

Use an Elytra to glide around in Minecraft.

Get an Elytra if you wish to fly in Minecraft without using any hacks. You can use this item as armor, which will enable you to glide off of lofty objects. It may be used in conjunction with Fireworks to create your very own jetpack. 

But obtaining Elytra is no simple process. You will have to put in a lot of grinding time to obtain this endgame equipment. This guide will explain how to obtain it.

How do I obtain elytra in Minecraft?

How do I obtain elytra in Minecraft?

In Minecraft, the Elytra is found in the End Ship and is obtained by going to the End World. To acquire it, adhere to the following steps:

  • The Eyes of Ender can be used to find a stronghold.
  • Then, in the stronghold, find the end portal and turn it on.
  • The Ender Dragon’s health bar may be seen at the top of the screen once you’ve reached the End World.
  • You must now defeat the Ender Dragon, or you can utilize this trick: /kill @e[type=minecraft:ender_dragon]
  • Look for a purple beacon and move in that direction after you’ve defeated the dragon.
  • Toss an Ender Pearl into the Black Void after building a platform to reach the beacon.
  • You will then be taken to the End Islands after doing that.
  • Locate a floating ship by making your way to the End City.
  • You should approach the ship and go into the main room.
  • The Elytra are displayed in a frame in this location. It can be obtained by breaking the frame block.

You can exit the End World after you get the Elytra.

How to Fly with Elytra?

Open your inventory in Minecraft and put Elytra in the chest plate slot to utilize it. Find a mountain or a peak now, then scale it. In order to use Elytra to glide, run toward the cliff and double-click the jump button.

Use gunpowder and paper to make fireworks and rockets to build a jetpack. Equip them now, then fly across the skies. Use the fireworks to lift yourself into the air as you begin to plummet. As an alternative, the Riptide enchantment can be used with the Trident.

The best way to fix Elytra in Minecraft

The best way to fix Elytra in Minecraft

You’ll inevitably lose your Elytra if you don’t keep a check on its durability. We advise you to repair it instead of going through all the trouble to get it back. In Minecraft, you’ll need a Phantom Membrane and an Anvil to fix Elytra. 

The membranes are available from the Phantoms mob. After that, enter your Anvil menu and add the membrane and elytra to it. Drag the restored Elytra back into your inventory after that. We advise using enchanted books like Unbreaking and Mending to prolong Elytra’s life.

That is all we have to say about getting Elytra in Minecraft.

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