Ghasts in Minecraft: How to Combat Them

Discover all there is to know about ghasts in Minecraft.

The Ghasts are only one of many hostile critters in Minecraft. When you enter a hostile mob’s radius, they will begin to attack you if you are a new player. Comparatively speaking, the Ghasts are on the weaker side.

 They can kill you quickly, though, with their ranged weapons. We’ll fill you in on all the details you need to know about ghasts so you can deal with them.

What exactly are ghosts? (Behavior)

The Best Way to Handle Ghasts in Minecraft

Ghasts are second only to the Ender Dragon in size among hostile mobs in Minecraft. They can be found in the nether and resemble floating marshmallows. They float around, making beeping noises while keeping their eyes closed.

Every three seconds, if they see you, they will shoot a fireball at you. These fireballs have splash damage and will also have an impact on neighboring creatures and blocks. According to your proximity and the level of difficulty you’re playing at, fireball damage varies:

  • Simple: 9 hearts
  • Standard: 17 hearts
  • Hard: 25 Hearts 

You are certain to die young if you are negligent and suffer a few blows. They will drop some priceless loot, though, if you manage to kill them.

The Best Way to Handle Ghasts in Minecraft

As we just mentioned, the health bar determines how strong a Ghast is. Only 5 hearts, or 10 health points, are available to them. The challenging thing is actually hitting them. It is challenging to hit them because they only utilize distance weapons and float in the air. In order to defeat the Ghast in Minecraft, follow these tips:

  • Use bows and arrows and other ranged weapons.
  • Make sure there are lots of solid blocks nearby before engaging in combat, because any one of them can protect you from the fireballs.
  • Make sure you have a sturdy set of armor.
  • If you don’t have a bow, use your sword to strike the ghast with its own fireball. You can one-shot it with this maneuver; however, it could take a few tries and practice.

Minecraft’s Ghast Drops

You will obtain the following items after defeating Ghasts:

  • Ghast Tear: Used to make End Crystals and Regeneration Potions.
  • To make rockets, TNT, fire charges, etc., one needs gunpowder.
  • Exp Points: 5

We’re done here at Minecraft Ghasts. 

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