The Top Meta Weapons in MW2 and Warzone 2 Season 2

With the release of Season 2, MW2 and Warzone 2 received a significant patch that changed the best guns meta. Additionally, two additional firearms were included as of the launch. 

The first is under the Assault Rifle category and is called the ISO Hemlock. The KV Broadside, which belongs to the shotgun category, is the second. It remains to be seen whether or not these new weapons will be meta.

Best Guns in MW2 and Warzone 2’s new Season 2 meta

Best Guns in MW2 and Warzone 2's new Season 2 meta

RPK, the former best gun and ultimate meta weapon, lost its crown this season. It was sufficiently nerfed that it is no longer considered to be meta. Its eventual replacement, though, remains to be seen. 

For the time being, the following weapons are considered to be the greatest in Season 2 of MW2 and Warzone 2:

  • Lachmann sub
  • TAC-56
  • Sakin MG38
  • Vaznev 9k
  • M4

Let’s examine each weapon closely and see why it is meta.

Sub Lachmann

One of the best sub-machine guns is still the vintage Lachmann Sub, sometimes known as the “MP5”. For the creators to decide against making it a useful meta weapon, it must be too iconic. 

The Lachmann Sub has the ideal proportions of all the features that a submachine gun should have. It is an obvious choice due to its fast ADS, decent fire rate, nearly AR-like range, etc. 

Regardless of the MW2 Seasons, you can rest confident that this rifle will probably always remain in the meta.


The TAC-56 is a lethal assault rifle, just like the actual “Scar” AR on which it is based. Although its result in Season 1 was already rather strong, Season 2 appears to be even stronger. 

Both damage output and range are exceptional. Additionally, shooting foes from a distance is made considerably simpler by the use of high-velocity bullets. 

Although SMGs and shotguns can occasionally outperform it at close range, it’s a good option for an AR in Season 2.

MG38 Sakin

In Season 2, the Sakin MG38 received a much-needed upgrade. Many people preferred the traditional LMG, yet it always seemed to lack in some way. 

But as it was always meant to be, it has already emerged as one of the top meta weapons for Season 2. With no attachments, it features a massive magazine capacity of 100 rounds by default. 

For an LMG-class weapon, the recoil is now controllable as well. It’s a useful meta gun for the upcoming season.

Vaznev 9,000

The Vaznev 9k is steadily replacing other submachine guns as everyone’s preferred choice. It has one of the longest ranges in its class and is the most powerful SMG. 

Since there aren’t many levels in this pistol, it doesn’t take much to level it up, which is a positive thing. Imagine it as that one trustworthy weapon you know will provide you with enough firepower once it is in your hands. 

Even without numerous attachments, it functions fairly well. It can easily take down foes in Warzone 2 with the addition of a 45 magazine and tear-through armor.


The M4 assault rifle, the most recognizable modern weapon, returns back in Season 2 as one of the best weapons to employ. Due to its widespread use, the M4 is another weapon that never leaves the meta. 

However, changes are constantly made, and fortunately, Season 2’s improvements have made it even better for M4 enthusiasts. It is always prepared for any circumstance; the only circumstance in which it might falter is at a very close range. 

Other than that, the M4 is unmatched among all other weapons, not just assault rifles, in terms of overall performance.

Best-ranked meta weapons in MW2

Although the weapons listed above are the finest overall, ranked play in MW2 takes place in a different environment. A quick summary of the top meta weapons to utilize in Ranked is provided below:

  • Taq-56
  • Vaznev 9k
  • ISO Hemlock

In Ranked, certain weapons, including the M4, are forbidden. Even though many attachments are forbidden, these three weapons are now the absolute meta in terms of what is permitted. 

So be careful to use these weapons when playing MW2’s Ranked Mode.