MW2 Error Code 4 – How To Fix

Getting the unpleasant Error number 4 when playing MW2? Here’s how to fix it.

You may have run into this problem if you own Modern Warfare 2 or perhaps COD Warzone 2. You’ll get a notification that says “You have been disconnected from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare/Warzone servers” on your screen. 

You may be wondering what caused this mistake, so let me explain. 

We’ve put up this error code 4 in MW2 troubleshooting tutorial since we know you want to resume playing the game right away.

How to Fix MW2 Error Code 4?

Typically, you may resolve this mistake by just restarting Modern Warfare 2. However, if even after doing that, nothing changes, we can still assist you. Check out the solutions for MW2’s Error Code 4 on PC, Xbox One, Series S/X, and PS4/PS5.

Examine the MW2 server status. 

Activision occasionally needs to shutdown the servers for maintenance. However, there may also be a server outage for other causes. Therefore, there is a good likelihood that the servers are now down if you are experiencing MW2 error code 4.

Visit the MW2 server status page or Downdetector to check for updates. You have no choice but to wait until they are fixed if the developers are maintaining them.

A network connection check

Check your internet connection if you’re still seeing this error even when the COD servers are up and running without any issues. Since Call of Duty Warzone 2 and even MW2 are online games, you will need a reliable connection. Even when your internet connection is operational, you need make sure it has a sufficient speed (Mbps).

Simply visiting a Speedtest website and measuring the speed of your network connection will accomplish this. You shouldn’t experience the Error Code 4 in MW2 if your internet speed is sufficient.

Restart your console or computer.

In order to resolve this Modern Warfare 2 issue, you can also try rebooting your computer or gaming console. Any troublesome background processes on your platform will be terminated using this technique. Additionally, it can assist in resolving any Ethernet or router-related bugs.