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How to Unlock the Townhall on Ashika Island in MW2 and Warzone 2 DMZ

The second season of DMZ has just been released, and it features the introduction of the Crown Faction. The Governor’s Laptop must be obtained from the Ashika Island Town Hall as part of their Tier 1 Mission, Whistleblower.  The Town Hall’s entrance doors, however, are locked. What then can you do to open it? Here is everything you need to know about COD Warzone 2 DMZ’s Townhall on Ashika Island.

How to Unlock the Townhall on Ashika Island in Warzone 2 DMZ?

How to Unlock the Townhall on Ashika Island in <a href=Warzone 2 DMZ? “>
When you get to Ashika Island Townhall’s entrance, a prompt advising that a City Hall Hideout Key is necessary pops up. However, there isn’t a specific place where you can look for this key.  You’re covered on this front as well, so don’t worry. Here’s how to obtain a City Hall Hideout key for Warzone 2’s DMZ Mode so you can enter the Townhall on Ashika Island.

Where Can I Get the Key to City Hall’s Hideout?

Sadly, a City Hall Hideout Key cannot be found in a specific place. This Key in DMZ Mode is also a random drop, the same as the others. You must therefore fulfill as many HVT (High-Value Target) Contracts as you can in order to receive a City Hall Key. The City Hall Hideout Key will be dropped by one of the AI Soldiers. The probability of this key being dropped by armored or shielded AI soldiers is likely to be higher than that of regular AI soldiers. Go to the Ashika Island Town Hall after getting the City Hall Key. Inside the Ashika Island Townhall, many shielded foes will be present. Therefore, be prepared for anything because the battle will be difficult. Don’t forget to purchase a screwdriver as well. It will be required for additional tasks. For those who don’t know, blue toolboxes include screwdrivers.