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Pet Simulator X: How Do I Unlock Hardcore Mode? – Roblox

In Roblox Pet Simulator X’s Hardcore mode, you can acquire better pets and more cash than in the regular version. Although challenging, a lot of people still desire to take on this task to obtain special rewards. 

You must first accomplish a number of tasks in order to reach this mode. Continue reading if you want to learn more about how to get Pet Simulator X’s Hardcore Mode unlocked.

How to Access Pet Simulator X’s Hardcore Mode?

How to Access Pet Simulator X's Hardcore Mode?

To unlock the Hardcore mode in Pet Simulator X, you must first unlock the Void biome and then finish 25% of all the Mastery levels. 372 Mastery points are equal to 25% Mastery. To play the Hardcore Mode, follow these instructions:

  1. To the hacker portal, teleport
  2. You will need to accomplish these three missions after arriving here:
    • Break 10 Giant Hacker Chests
    • Collect 50 Loot Bags
    • Convert 3 Pets into Dark Matter
  3. The Void will now be accessible to you. Interact with it to get inside.
  4. Finding a Purple building will allow you to access the Hardcore mode.

How Does Hardcore Mode Operate?

The 22nd update to Pet Simulator X brought Hardcore Mode. When you obtain Hardcore pets, your damage output will be 10 times greater than it would be in standard mode. But it’s quite difficult to unlock pets and earn coins in Hardcore mode. 

Even if you are an experienced player of this Roblox game, if you are not careful, you will find yourself overwhelmed. However, you will be able to inflict an incredible amount of damage on adversaries once you have a Hardcore pet.

That is all there is to it when it comes to Pet Simulator X’s Hardcore Mode. We really hope that our guide was useful to you. Check out these Pet Simulator X Codes to obtain free gifts if you want to learn more about how to get free pets and coins.