Get to know the updates of Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 Season 3 

The patch notes of Season 3 for Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 feature various weapon nerfs and buffs, some received minor changes while others underwent complete overhauls. 

Two new weapons have also been introduced to the game. These changes will result in a complete change in the meta. The infamous ISO Hemlock received massive nerfs because of its dominance in the previous update, while a select few snipers can now down an enemy with a single bullet.

Below is a list of all the changes in the new MW2 and WZ2 Season 3 updates:

Assault Rifles

  • Lower Torso Damage and all Damage Ranges have been decreased for ISO Hemlock.
  • M13B: Damage to the upper torso is somewhat lowered, lower torso damage is enhanced, and mid-range damage distance is increased.
  • STB 556: Mid-range Damage distance increased, Mid-range Damage decreased, Lower Torso Damage increased, Leg Damage increased, Headshot Damage increased
  • TAQ-56: Headshot Damage decreased

Battle Rifles

  • Movement speed has increased, semi-automatic leg damage has increased, semi-automatic minimum armor damage has increased (only in Warzone 2.0), and semi-automatic upper torso damage has increased for FTAC Recon.
  • Lachmann 762: Movement Speed increased
  • Increased movement speed and increased semi-auto minimum armor damage for SO-14 (Only in Warzone 2.0)
  • TAQ-V: Minimum Armor Damage increased (Warzone 2.0 Only), Movement Speed increased, Semi-Auto Lower Leg Damage increased


  • Basilisk: Minimum Armor Damage reduced (Warzone 2.0 Only)

Light Machine Guns

  • RAAL MG: Headshot Damage reduced, Minimum Armor Damage added to Semi-Auto Firing Mode (Warzone 2.0 Only), Semi-Auto Headshot Damage increased, Semi-Auto Upper Torso Damage increased, Semi-Auto Lower Torso Damage increased
  • RPK: Close-mid Damage slightly reduced

Marksman Rifles

  • All damage ranges are slightly lowered for Tempus Torrent, as well as close-midrange and headshot damage.

Submachine Guns

  • BAS-P: Minimum Armor Damage added to Semi-Auto Firing Mode, All Damage Ranges Increased, and ADS Move Speed Increased (Warzone 2.0 Only)
  • Lachmann Sub: Torso damage from burst fire increased, leg damage from burst fire increased, and burst fire duration between bullets decreased.
  • MX9: Sprint to Fire Speed increased
  • Vaznev-9K: Headshot Damage decreased
  • VEL 46: Headshot Damage decreased


  • Basilisk: .500 Snakeshot, Maximum Armor Damage added (Warzone 2.0 Only)
  • Bolt-Action: Explosive Players wearing full armor can now be instantly taken down by weapons with explosive ammunition (Warzone 2.0 Only). The MCPR-300 progression tree has been expanded to include explosive ammunition.
  • Long-range damage decreased, mid-range damage increased, Minimum Armor Damage was added to Semi-Auto Firing Mode (Warzone 2.0 Only), and Recoil violence increased. ISO Hemlock:300 Blackout (All Types), Headshot Damage increased, Hip Spread accuracy increased while prone accuracy increased, and Initial Recoil increased somewhat.

Note: Depending on how “Large,” “Small,” “Heavy,” “Light,” “Long,” or “Short” they are concerning other Attachments, Barrel, Stock, and Magazine Attachment stats are altered. 

Additionally, players can now equip bolt-action weapons with explosive ammunition, allowing them to down fully armored enemies with just one shot. Furthermore, the MCPR-300 progression tree has been updated to include explosive ammunition.

It’s worth noting that the changes to attachment stats vary based on size, weight, and other factors. As a result, the overall power level of attachments has been increased.

For instance, heavy barrels now have a slightly reduced ADS speed penalty, while light barrels have a reduced muzzle velocity penalty. Short barrels, on the other hand, have an increased ADS speed benefit and reduced damage range penalty. 

The hip spread accuracy benefit while moving and firing have also been increased for some weapons with certain barrel attachments, while the handling and movement penalties have been reduced for weapons with large magazines.

To sum up, the Season 3 update for Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2 brings a lot of changes to the weapons and attachments, with some weapons receiving buffs and others receiving nerfs. These changes will certainly have an impact on the game’s meta and will require players to adapt their strategies accordingly.