Best Graphic Card for Mining in 2023

If you are looking to get the best graphic card for mining, consider buying one of them:

  • RTX 1660 6 GB Ti
  • RTX 1660 6 GB
  • RTX 2070 8 GB Super
  • RTX 2060 6 GB Super
  • AMD Radeon VII 16 GB

Are you planning to mine cryptocurrency and wondering which graphic would work the best for you? Finding the best GPU can be a challenging task since there are many models of graphic cards available from numerous manufacturers. So, how do you differentiate among them and pick the one that not only is affordable but also gives the best performance?

The top-of-the-line graphic cards do not come cheap, and you need to invest a lot, especially if your sole purpose is to use them for mining. There are many key factors you need to look out for before you narrow down your choices, such as price, hash rate, power consumption, warranty, etc. Thus, if you find any GPU that comes under your budget and fits these points, don’t hesitate to get your hand on it.

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In this article, we will share the best Graphic Cards for mining that can fulfill your needs, so without waiting, let’s get into it.

Best Graphic Card For Mining 2023

RTX 1660 6 GB Ti

best graphic card for mining: RTX 1660 6 GB Ti

The RTX 1660 Ti is the latest addition by NVIDIA to its GeForce 16 series. It would not be wrong to say that NVIDIA RTX 1660 Ti is the ultimate choice for all the miners out there. This is because of its unique features that are hard to find in any of the other GPUs in the market. Even though it is an upgraded version of the old 1060 6 GB model, it still costs the same.

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The best part of this graphic card is that it requires less power to run. This means that you don’t need to face any overheating issues or spend your money on huge electricity bills. Apart from this, it also offers an excellent hash rate, easy to overclock, and is effective for mining. The only con is it comes with 6 GB of memory which might not be efficient.

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RTX 1660 6 GB

If you are looking for a cheaper option, then NVIDIA RTX 1660 6 GB should be the go-to choice for you. This model of NVIDIA GPU consumes much less power even than the RTX 1660 6 GB Ti. So, if budget is your concern and you hate spending on hefty electricity bills every month, look to buy RTX 1660 6 GB.

In case you are looking to mine Ethereum, you may need to find an upgraded model of RTX 1660 6 GB. This one isn’t powerful and offers less hash rate, but it is an effective way to create a cheap mining rig.

RTX 2070 8 GB Super

RTX 2070 8 GB Super

RTX 2070 8 GB Super is an improved version of the GeForce 1070 8 GB, which got selected as the best GPU for mining. This newer version not only comes with an extra hash rate but also offers Ray Tracing Technology. So, if you are looking to build a cross-functional system, both for high-end gaming and mining, there is no better choice than RTX 2070 8 GB.

Even though RTX 2070 8 GB gives you faster performance and higher profits. You would still need to bear noisy fans, pay a handsome amount in the form of bills and purchasing costs.

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RTX 2060 6 GB Super

If you are looking for a perfect balance of performance and cost price, consider buying RTX 2020 6 GB Super. As compared to 2070 cards, this NVIDIA GeForce model offers much or less similar performance and consumes nearly the same amount of electricity. The 6 GB memory is enough to mine most cryptocurrencies such as Zcoin, ZelCash, and ZClassic.

This GPU model will cost you around $300, which is a nice deal considering the range of features it offers, such as high hash rate, quiet fans, no overheating issues, and good for Ethereum mining.

AMD Radeon VII 16 GB

Last but not least, we have AMD Radeon VII 16 GB on the list. It is one of the most powerful GPUs out there and offers the highest hash rate among all the other graphic models. It can mine Ethereum at 90 m/Hs and consumes 250 watts from the wall. It’s important to keep in mind that such premium models do not come cheaply and will cost you around $1000.

Even though it offers higher profits and increased performance, you will also need to deal with overheating issues. Not only this, but it is only efficient at mining limited coins, such as Ethereum and Ethereum classic. So, if money is not a problem for you and you are looking to mine the same coins, this should be a great choice for you.

FInal Thoughts

Now that you know the best GPUs available for crypto mining, it’s time to get your hand on them. Make sure that you purchase the one that offers the most features, one that isn’t expensive, and can mine most of the popular coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, etc.