The best KV Broadside loadout in Season 2 of MW2

Are you curious about the optimum loadout for the KV Broadside shotgun that was introduced in MW2 Season 2? It is an automatic shotgun that the Battle Pass will unlock for free. At first appearance, it might easily be mistaken for an AR or SMG.

Shotguns are not the most powerful weapons when compared to other classes, but with the appropriate setup, an automatic shotgun can be devastating.

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Warzone 2 and MW2’s KV Broadside loadout recommendations

Warzone 2 and MW2's KV Broadside loadout recommendations

Here are the top attachments for building the ideal KV Broadside loadout in MW2:

Let’s now delve into the specifics of each attachment and what it does.

Bryson Improved Choke – Muzzle

For the majority, if not all shotguns, the Bryson Improved Choke gives this weapon a narrower pellet distribution and an expanded damage range. Its performance can be greatly improved by being tuned for a wider damage range.

Barrels, 12-Range

The Range Twelve barrel, which extends its damage range even more, is ideal because the KV Broadside lacks damage at a distance. Additionally, it improves bullet velocity and hip fire accuracy.

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7MW Canted Laser Laser

Shotguns like the KV Broadside are typically employed up close, therefore you rarely ADS unless absolutely necessary. The 7MW Canted Laser enters the picture here.

This results in a canted sight with a clear laser aiming at the center when you ADS. also increases hip-fire accuracy.

Stockless – VLK Stock

The optimal loadout for the KV Broadside in MW2 must be made by removing the stock. There is no stock because of the VLK Stockless attachment, which offers advantages and disadvantages.

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The advantages—such as faster hip recoil control, faster sprint-to-fire speed, faster movement speed, and faster ADS—far exceed the drawbacks.

True-Tac Grip for the rear grip

The sprint-to-fire and ADS speeds of the KV Broadside are both increased with the True-Tac Grip. If you are playing Warzone 2, you might be able to exchange this one for a larger magazine.

You will be prepared to utilize the KV Broadside in MW2 to the fullest extent with this optimal loadout.

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