The Sons of the Forest How To Duplicate Infinite Logs With The Dupe Glitch

Do you want to know how to use the Sons of the Forest Log Dupe glitch to duplicate an infinite number of logs? Then, this guide is where you should be as it contains everything you require. But before we do that, keep in mind that this bug has the potential to be dangerous for both you and your friend. 

Keep an eye on that because the bug might also be fixed at any time. Having said that, if you’re still curious about the problem, continue reading so we can explain what it is and how it operates.

Sons of the Forest Log Dupe Glitch: What is it?

The Sons of the Forest Log Dupe is a bug that, when used, duplicates logs to provide people access to an infinite number of them. You can have as many logs as you like with an unfinished Small Log Cabin

Although using the glitch it is quite simple, there may be disadvantages that haven’t been taken into consideration. Don’t worry; we’ll explain the negatives as well as demonstrate how the glitch functions.

How Can Sons of the Forest Players Duplicate Infinite Logs?

Here is how to duplicate infinite logs now that you are aware of what the Sons of the Forest Log Dupe is:

  • Press B to open your book, and then choose the Small Log Cabin.
  • Place the empty Log Cabin in one spot and move to one of the vacant frame’s corners.
  • You must be looking upward toward the top of the cabin from the corner of the frame.
  • Start hitting C and toggling while you are gazing up until a meter fills. Simply adjust the angle a little bit if you are seeing a red X.
  • You’ll know you’ve used the Sons of the Forest Log Dupe effectively when the meter begins to fill.

Remember that because of the angle, you will watch the logs fall. This implies that you and your friends could be hit by the copied limitless logs. You’ll need to exercise extreme caution because it might be fatal if a log falls on you or your buddy. This is the glitch’s only significant drawback. 

The developers could penalize users who have used this bug on their accounts, which is another possibility. We can’t say for sure, though, that this would be a problem because the developers have not yet provided any information.

That is all there is to know about Sons of the Forest’s limitless log duplication.