How To Survive Sons Of The Forest’s Mini-Boss, The Puffton Family (Location)

Players want to know where the Puffton Family, a new mini-boss in Sons of the Forest, is located. However, Patch 01 has also added other features to the game. Now, among other things, you can locate binoculars, a hang glider, and use defensive walls. 

However, let’s not stray from those. Therefore, this is where you can find them and how to defeat them in Sons of the Forest.

Location of the Puffton Family Mini-Boss in Sons of the Forest

Location of the Puffton Family Mini-Boss in Sons of the Forest

In this game, the Food and Dining Bunker is where you can discover the new mini-boss. But before you can enter the room, you must first obtain the Maintenance keycard, which is available at Maintenance Hatch A. The hatch is not far from the Bunker. 

What you need to do is as follows:

    The boss battle will begin after the doors are opened with the keycard.

    The Puffton Family Mini-Boss: How to Win?

    The Puffton Family mini-boss in this game can be defeated using headshot attacks. A shotgun is advised for this battle, although any reliable ranged weapon, such as a crossbow or revolver, can also be used. You have to battle against two mutants. They both move quickly and will assault you at once.

    Put your shotgun or other long-range weapon in service. You shoot them in the head as soon as they approach assault. The quickest way to erode their health is by doing that. Both of them will be defeated once you have dealt enough damage to them.