Sons of the Forest: Where to Find the Hang Glider on a Map?

Players are hunting for the hang glider spots after Sons of Forest’s patch 01 recently included them. A hang glider is a practical tool for traveling long distances and moving between locations. 

However, you must be high enough to launch yourself from, which is the catch. Check out how to use the hang gliders in Sons of the Forest in this guide to learn how to move more quickly.

In Sons of the Forest, how Do You Get the Hang Glider?

In this game, there are a lot of Hang Gliders scattered over the globe. However, the game’s snowy central region is the best place to search for them. The gliders will be close to abandoned encampments in each of the sites listed below.

A hang glider is located fairly close to the cave where you can discover the shovel. From this cave, head southeast to the snow-capped mountains. You might stay on the River trail to avoid getting lost. When you get to the mountain’s sides, go to the designated spot to find your first hang glider.

The area close to the heart of the snow biome is another location where hang gliders can be found. You can follow the river, which comes to a stop in the middle if you are approaching from the east side. You’ll soon locate one if you keep following its path.

An important sight to go to from Maintenance Hatch B is located south of Snowy Region. From here, continue east until you reach the area where the hang glider is located.

Similar to the above position, if you are close to Maintenance Hatch C in the North Snowy Region, you can easily find this glider. You may easily get to the hang glider’s location by traveling southwest from the excavation site.

The game still has other spots where hang gliders can be found. The four mentioned above, however, are the most renowned and accessible.

How Are Hang Gliders Used?

To use the hang glider for flight, you must sprint and jump off a cliff or any other high enough elevation. Don’t worry, the procedure is very simple. Here’s how to go about it:

    The controls are inverted by default, so if you move your mouse up, your player should begin diving down. You will just plummet down and lose the hang glider if you don’t jump from a high enough altitude. But don’t worry, it will fall close, making it simple for you to pick it up again.