What Function Do the Red and Gold Masks Have in Sons of the Forest? (Answered)

To survive the monster, players of Sons of the Forest must have access to a variety of resources and tools. You require masks to blend in amid the vast swarms of cannibals. 

Although these masks don’t have any special abilities or skills, they can still help you blend in. This has left some gamers perplexed as to their purposes and how to employ them. 

Check out our to learn more about the functions of the Gold and Red Masks in Sons of the Forest.

What the Gold & Red Masks of the Sons of the Forest Do?

What the Gold & Red Masks of the Sons of the Forest Do?

Some low-level cannibal enemies are especially susceptible to being scared off by the Red Masks. On the other hand, you can frighten stronger and higher-grade Cannibals using Gold Masks. 

The Gold and Red Masks can be used when the Cannibals begin to behave like a horde and arrive in huge waves. The numerous opponents will cease attacking as soon as you put on any of the Masks and recognize you as one of them.

Another persistent legend holds that donning a Gold Mask denotes becoming the alpha dog. That’s because when you wear this Mask, the mutant monsters actually begin to pursue you.

The masks can be worn and equipped right from the Inventory Section once you’ve obtained them. To put on the masks for that, use the I key button.

That completes our discussion of the roles played by the Gold and Red Masks in Sons of the Forest

Obtaining Red Mask

By using the 3D Printer to create it, you can obtain the Red Mask. If you haven’t already, you must locate the 3D printer for that. The Red Mask can be created in the Tech Mesh in 15 seconds with 150 ml of Printer Resin. Also, keep in mind that Keycards are required to unlock the various tiers of facilities.

For additional information, see our comprehensive tutorial on creating the Red Mask in Sons of the Forest.

How to Get a Gold Mask in Sons of the Forest?

How to Get a Gold Mask in Sons of the Forest?

The Gold Mask cannot be made, in contrast to the Red Mask. As an alternative, you must locate it inside the inland bunker. On the map, the location of this underground bunker is to the southeast of the snow-capped mountains. 

Go into the level 5 room as soon as you enter to obtain the gold mask. The same bunker where you discovered the Golden Armor also contains the Gold. If you can’t find this Mask, however, see where to find the Gold Mask in Sons of the Forest in our location guide.