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In Sons of the Forest, how do you get night vision goggles?

A recent update to the popular survival horror game adds a few more items. Night Vision Goggles have long been requested by players, and it appears that the devs have finally heeded their pleas. 

However, players will have to scour the vast forest for what they want, just like with all the best game items. Let’s examine where the Night Vision Goggles can be found in Sons of The Forest.

In Sons of the Forest, where can I buy night vision glasses?

In Sons of the Forest, where can I buy night vision glasses?

Night Vision Goggles, like many other great things in Sons of The Forest, can be discovered in one of the game’s many caves. Only one cave on the island contains the Goggles. The cave players are seeking may be found in the southern region of the map, next to the river that flows away from the lake on top.

You will descend into the ground to enter the cave; you will need a lighter or flashlight to explore the cave. Make your way through the cave until you come to a room with a chair and a skeleton seated. He needs to be wearing the night vision goggles. Take the object, then leave the cave.

When it gets dark in the game, the Night Vision Goggles are a fantastic tool. Once you’ve used the goggles, you won’t need a lighter or flashlight to see clearly in the dark. 

This will free up both of your hands for usage, making nighttime hunting and survival much simpler. The lack of peripheral vision is the only disadvantage of using the Goggles. We advise you to only wear the goggles in emergency situations.

This concludes our information on obtaining Night Vision Goggles in Sons of The Forest.