How To Get Infinite Items in Sons of the Forest?

Do you intend to exploit the item duplication bug? You have now come to the appropriate location. Sons of the Forest has a number of problems because it is still in early access. The players can duplicate stuff thanks to one of these bugs. 

Just consider it: Isn’t it the best way to have endless ammo? Although we are unsure if it is a bug, it is still worthwhile to try. In light of the foregoing, here is how to obtain limitless stuff in Sons of the Forest.

How to Use the Sons of the Forest Duplicate Glitch to Get Unlimited Items?

How to Use the Sons of the Forest Duplicate Glitch to Get Unlimited Items?

In SOTF, you can duplicate items indefinitely by following these steps:

  • To begin with, proceed to the area where the loot containers are. Go specifically to the location where the item you wish to duplicate is located. It could be anything, including ammunition, food, coins, etc.
  • Make sure you have a Shelter close by before you enter the loot spot. If not, anywhere can be used to erect a tent.
  • Additionally, plunder everything nearby and save the game.
  • You can fill as much space in the Inventory as you like with anything you need.
  • All of the looted things will then respawn when you leave and go back to the stored location.
  • You can carry on doing this until you’ve had enough of anything.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Loot stuff, then save the game and then loot again. Therefore, be sure to maximize your use of this technique before the game is officially released. 

Furthermore, in the early stages of Sons of the Forest, it is the best way to farm infinite items. Fortunately, you can duplicate ammunition for your gun in Sons of the Forest using this technique. You won’t ever run out of ammunition again.