Where Are The Sons Of The Forest Animals? And How Do You Hunt Them?

Sons of the Forest places a lot of emphasis on animals because you can hunt them for sustenance or crafting supplies. This location guide will outline where to locate these creatures on a map and offer hunting advice to help you stay alive. You must be aware of a few dangerous creatures as well in order to be ready for their attacks.

Where in Sons of the Forest Can I Find All the Animals? (Map Locations)

On this strange island, you can find both hostile and non-hostile animals here.

Animal Location

The western and northwestern parts of the map are where deer can be found. You can get 4 raw meat and 1 animal hide after hunting a deer. You can use hide to make hide armor. When you are hungry, you can cook raw meat effectively.

Tips for Hunting Deer

  • Get your bow and arrows ready.
  • To prevent the deer from becoming aware of you and escaping, crouch.
  • To kill the deer, go close enough to clearly see your target and shoot the arrow.

You will need to make several attacks if you can’t kill the deer on your first try; else, it will get up and flee away.

Locate the ducks

Ducks are usually present anywhere there are ponds or other bodies of water, so always keep an eye out for them. Kill them with melee or ranged weapons to obtain Feather and Raw Meat from them.

Place of the Moose

Moose are large animals from whom you can harvest two hides and seven raw meats. You can watch for them around bodies of water where they might congregate to drink or you may run into them while exploring. Check out the map provided by Mapgenie to see where there is a greater likelihood of finding them.

Where are the Sharks and Orcas Found?

Even if you shouldn’t go up to these dangerous creatures on your own, you’ll probably find them in sea or ocean places. You must attack the shark in order to discover the pistol on the raft.

Squirrels & Rabbits Location

Rabbits and squirrels may be seen scurrying about the forest area or along bodies of water. Make an animal trap because they can escape rapidly. You need 14 Sticks for a little one. Consult your Guidebook as a resource. Place your trap in a convenient location, then wait for the animal to fall victim to it. 

After a while, come back, and you’ll get your resources (1 Raw Piece of Rabbit and 1 Raw Piece of Squirrel Meat).

Gulls and birds

As you can see, seagulls frequent the area around the shore. You will have no trouble finding birds to use your spear or any melee weapon on if you spawned there. For you, they’ll pop out some raw meat and feathers.

The locations of fish

To locate Fish quickly, look at the spots shown on the map. Remember to look at the waterfalls since there might be salmon there. You will receive 1 Raw Fish in return. A fish trap can be created to make things simpler.

Turtles: Locations to Look

The coastal regions of the map and several locations near water features in the interior are home to turtles. Use a spear to attack the animal once you’ve located it. Raw flesh and Turtle Shell are both available from sea turtles, while Raw flesh is also available from freshwater turtles.

The location of creatures in Sons of the Forest and how to hunt them are covered in this.