Sons of the Forest: Where to Find Binoculars (Location Guide)

In Sons of the Forest, are you trying to find the place and wondering where to buy binoculars? Then you should definitely read this guide.

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If you can determine how many opponents you must face from a distance, you will have an advantage in surviving the terrible and hazardous denizens of the Forest.

For instance, you would need to be ready if you prefer a weapon like the Firefighter Axe, which has tremendous damage and a sluggish swing. Taking all of this into consideration, we advise you to read this tutorial if you wish to have binoculars in your inventory.

In Sons of the Forest, where can I find binoculars?

In Sons of the Forest, where can I find binoculars?

Go to the island’s northern coast and look for a kayak that has washed ashore if you’re hunting for binoculars in Sons of the Forest. You may now find the Binoculars in the same place where you were hunting for the Camouflage Suit. We are able to determine the spot where you must go in order to obtain this item thanks to this interactive map provided by MapGenie.

If you are playing Sons of the Forest at a harder difficulty setting, binoculars can be rather helpful. It would be great if you could scout a location because the horde of foes frequently attacks you. Particularly crucial locations that require keycards to access them or maintenance hatches that might be overrun with islanders.

The cave entrances are already known to you if you’ve been playing the game for a time. At these places, a lot of enemies frequently spawn, so having a binocular will help you better plan your next move.


Binoculars are an essential item in Sons of the Forest. They’ll help you to spot enemies, find resources, and take in the beautiful scenery of the forest.

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In this guide, we’ve explored the different places where you can find binoculars in Sons of the Forest. Whether you’re exploring campsites, lookout towers, hunting stands, campgrounds, or abandoned buildings, keep an eye out for these useful tools.
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Remember, binoculars cannot be crafted in Sons of the Forest, so you’ll need to scavenge for them in the game world. Once you have them, be sure to use them wisely to gain an advantage in your survival journey.

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So, get your binoculars and explore the beautiful and treacherous wilderness of Sons of the Forest.

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Happy exploring!