In Sons of the Forest, Where Can You Find Fireweed?

Fans can’t get enough of the much-loved The Forest sequel, Sons of The Forest. The immersive setting and mechanics of the game allow it to improve on every facet of its predecessor. 

Making your own consumables and tools is a significant aspect of the game. However, it seems like a lot of players are having trouble locating the plant Fireweed. 

Let’s look at where Fireweed can be found in Sons of The Forest.

In Sons of the Forest, Where Can You Find Fireweed?

In Sons of the Forest, Where Can You Find Fireweed?

One of the uncommon flora in Sons of the Forest is fireweed. The plant appears to exclusively thrive in one particular area. In close proximity to the cave where the Rope Gun is located, there is Fireweed. 

The cave lies close to the lake with four rivers, east of the Snowy Mountains. For further information, see our How to Find the Rope Gun tutorial. A plant that resembles a pipe called fireweed has distinctive pink blossoms that make it stand out on the forest floor. 

Similar to other plants in the game, you must consume the plant just once to be able to recognize it indefinitely.

Due to the significant consumables, it may assist create, fireweed may be the most crucial plant in the game. One of the primary elements of Energy Mix+ and Health Mix+ is fireweed. To make Energy Mix+, combine it with Devil’s Club and Chicory. 

Combining Aloe Vera, Fireweed, and Horsetail will produce Health Mix+. Both of these medications are particularly helpful in perilous fighting and exploration circumstances because they both restore a significant quantity of health and energy with a single application.

You now know where to look for Fireweed in Sons of the Forest.