Where To Find King Oysters In Sons Of The Forest?

You should keep King Oyster and other consumable food close by in Sons of the Forest. That’s because it’s difficult to find a sufficient food supply here.

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In addition to dangerous mutants, hunger can also result in your demise.

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However, the island is populated with edible fruits and mushrooms that will undoubtedly be useful. We can assist you if you are already looking for the King Oyster. All of the locations and other information about this mushroom are included below.

In Sons of the Forest, where Can I Find King Oyster Mushrooms?

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In Sons of the Forest, where Can I Find King Oyster Mushrooms?

The King Oyster Mushroom may be found all across the island’s west-to-southwest section in Sons of the Forest. Look at the above-mentioned map marking for a better understanding, and you should be good to go. Once you arrive at the locations indicated on the map, just keep an eye on the ground.

Otherwise, given that they are tucked away between bushes, you might simply miss the mushrooms.

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The King Oyster is easily recognized by its yellowish stem and a dark top.

As previously said, you can safely eat this mushroom, which can save 10% of your appetite and help you regain 1% of your health. However, players can even harvest it at their base for a sufficient quantity of food.

The maximum number of King Oysters you can stack in your inventory is 20, though. Having said that, you now know where to look. But take note that the likelihood that these edible items will appear is not certain. So there’s a chance they might go back to the base empty-handed.

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That is all there is to know about King Oyster Mushroom locations in Sons of the Forest. Check out the game’s guide on where to find blueberries and guarana berries if you’re hunting for more foodstuff.

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