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GPU Power Cable Guide | All Connectors Explained

Navigating the world of GPU power cables can be confusing and intimidating. This article is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to build or upgrade their PC.

The guide below provides complete details of the different types of connectors available. After reading this, you’ll be able to buy the correct type of cable for your GPU.

Graphics Card-PCI-e(Power Cables and Connector Types)

PCIe power cables and connectors are an essential part of any graphics card. There are different kinds of PCI-e Power Cable for their connection with GPU. A graphic Card requires power from the computer’s power supply to function.

It is necessary to ensure that you have enough PCIe power cables connected to meet the power needs of the GPU. Most Graphic Cards come with either 6-pin or 8-pin power connectors.

Different connectors have different key shapes. Each key ensures its specific fitting into the correct slot on the graphics card. Installing a Graphic Card with the right number of pins is necessary for better performance.

This specificity prevents hardware damage due to faulty wattage from your Power Supply Unit. The details of these connectors are as follows:

  1. 6-Pin Connectors
  2. 8-Pin Connector 
  3. 6+2 Pin Connector
  4. 12-Pin Connector

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6-Pin Power Connector:

The 6-pin PCIe power connector supplies 75 watts of power. It is effective for mid-range graphics cards. 

6-Pin Power Connector:

8-Pin Connector:

An 8-pin PCIe power connector supplies up to 150 watts of power. This pin is helpful for high-end graphics cards.

8-Pin Connector:

6+2 Pin Connector:

A 6+2 Pin Connector supply is a power connector used to provide power to components such as graphics cards. It is in a PSU (Power Supply Unit) and consists of two separate connectors.

One is a six-pin supply, which supplies the majority of the power. The other is a 2-pin supply, which provides more power to components like graphic cards. The extra power helps ensure these components receive enough energy. 

It also maintains a lower amount of strain on the PSU. The 6+2 Pin supply is an important component for anyone upgrading their computer. It provides reliable and consistent power delivery.

6+2 Pin Connector:

12-Pin Connectors:

The 12-pin connector is a type of power connector that provides extra power to the system. It has more pins than the 8-pin and 6-pin connectors and can draw much more energy. More pins make it perfect for applications that need high current and voltage. 

The 12-pin power connector consists of 12 individual pins arranged in a specific pattern. Each pin connects a separate wire to it, which allows for the transfer of electricity. The 12-pin cable provides more power and stability to your system.

12-Pin Connectors:


Adapters are the perfect alternative for the connectors. If your connector does not work in some situations, you can imply an adapter in your system. There is a variety of adapters that are available in the market. You must have these adapters while installing a GPU on your laptop or PC. 

Pin Molex to 6-Pin PCI-E Adapter Cable:

Anyone with a graphics card must have a 4-Pin Molex to 6-Pin PCI-E Adapter Cable. This cable allows you to plug your 4-pin Molex power source into the 6-pin PCI-E slot on your motherboard.

It’s perfect for those who want to add extra power to their system without needing to upgrade their PSU. This cable also features a built-in surge protector. It protects your hardware against any unexpected power surges or spikes.

Pin Molex to 6-Pin PCI-E Adapter Cable:

Pin Molex to 8-Pin PCI-E Power Adapter Cable:

The 4-Pin Molex to 8-Pin PCI-E Power Adapter Cable is an excellent choice for upgrading older computer components. This cable makes it easy to connect a 4-pin Molex connector to a newer 8-pin PCI Express power connector.

It’s great for anyone needing more power than their original 4-pin Molex can provide. The Adapter also allows increased flexibility when connecting many devices.

You don’t have to worry about compatibility issues between the two connectors, as the Adapter works with both types of cables. This cable is compatible with most motherboards and video cards. You won’t need to replace any parts or take extra steps to make it work.

Pin Molex to 8-Pin PCI-E Power Adapter Cable:

6-Pin to 8-Pin PCI-E Adapter Cable:

The 6-Pin to 8-Pin PCI-E Adapter Cable is a must-have accessory for any computer enthusiast. It is easy to upgrade your graphics card from the older 6-pin PCI-E to the newer 8-pin PCI-E interface.


It allows you to use higher-powered and more advanced graphics cards. Your PC gets instant performance and visual quality after using this cable.

The adapter cable ensures reliable connectivity and stable power delivery. It’s easy to install, requiring no extra tools or wiring. With this cable, you can upgrade your system without buying a new motherboard or graphics card.

SATA to 6-Pin PCI-E Adapter Cable:

The SATA to 6-Pin PCI-E Adapter Cable is an essential tool for connecting a SATA hard drive to a 6-pin PCI Express slot. This cable provides a secure connection that supports data transfer speeds up to 6 Gbps.


The Adapter features a standard 6-pin female connector on one end and a SATA power port on the other. Substantial strain relief ensures a secure connection even during intense movement or vibration.

This adapter cable is compatible with most motherboards. It offers an ideal solution for anyone to upgrade their current storage setup.

SATA to 8-Pin PCI-E Adapter Cable:

The SATA to 8-Pin PCI-E Adapter Cable connects your computer’s internal storage devices, such as hard drives and SSDs. It features an 8-pin male port that plugs into your motherboard’s PCI Express slot.

 It allows you to connect your storage devices without a separate power cable. The adapter cable also has two female SATA ports, which make it simple to plug in and out any device.


The cable is very durable and can withstand even the most challenging conditions. It ensures reliable data transfer and secure connection between components.

Its low cost makes it an attractive option for users who need extra storage but don’t want to spend much money. The SATA to 8-Pin PCI-E Adapter Cable is an ideal solution for expanding your computer’s storage capabilities.

Molex to SATA Power Adapter:

A Molex to SATA Power Adapter is an important tool for any computer user. This Adapter allows users to connect a SATA hard drive or optical drive to the power supply of their PC.

The Molex to SATA Power Adapter is a great way to upgrade, replace, or expand your current storage options.


Both 3.5-inch and 2.5-inch hard drives plug with it and provide support for both 5V and 12V power connectors. The Adapter also has an LED indicator that lets you know when it’s plugged in.

The Molex to SATA Power Adapter is small and lightweight. This feature makes it easy to carry around and use wherever needed. 

How Many Power Cables Does My GPU Need?

Your GPU needs at least one power cable to function. Depending on the type of Graphic Card you have, it may require either one or two lines.

Some GPUs have one 8-pin or one 6-pin power connector, while others need two 8-pins or even two 6-pins. Check the documentation that came with your GPU to determine how many power cables it needs.

Do All Graphics Cards Need More Power?

Some integrated graphics solutions use the power of the motherboard alone. For modern games or high-end applications, a dedicated graphics card is necessary. These cards need a separate power connector from the PSU to get enough power.

Are PCIe Cables for GPU?

Yes, PCIe cables are for GPUs. These provide high-speed data transfers between GPUs and motherboards. PCI-e cables connect graphics cards to motherboards. Data transfer speed is up to 8GB/s per lane.

Can I Use a 6 Pin on an 8 Pin GPU?

Yes, you can use a 6-pin power connector on an 8-pin GPU. The use of a Six-pin on an 8-pin GPU causes damage to it. The 6-pin cable contains the same voltage as the 8-pin.

 6-pin supplies half of the current as 8-pin provides. Instability issues predominate with such Six-pin usage with the GPU. It can cause permanent damage to GPU if used for an extended period.


We provide minute details of each type of power supply and its use in the computer system. Consider your PC model before choosing any Power supply connector or Adapter.

We always prefer Molex adapters because of their enhanced quality and durability. Check your Graphic Card compatibility with the specific connector or Adapter.