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How To Check The PC Power Supply? Find Your PSU

To check the PC power supply, power off your PC, open the case, unplug the 20- or 24-pin connector from the motherboard, and use a multimeter to test the voltage outputs. Check the readings against the expected values, and if they’re within an acceptable range, your power supply is likely fine. If not, consider replacing it. Seek professional assistance if you’re not familiar with handling electrical components.

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If your PC is not turning on or is behaving erratically, it may be due to a faulty power supply. In your PC, the power supply provides power to all of the components, and if it’s not working correctly, it can cause a number of problems.

So, you should know how to check your PC’s power supply to see if it’s working correctly. We’ll walk you through how to check power supply on pc and troubleshoot any problems you may encounter in this article.

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6 Easy Steps On How to Test PC Power Supply

It’s helpful to know that testing your PC’s power supply is simple. This simple test will help you determine if a power issue causes your problem or other problem.

The following steps should follow carefully before taking your computer to a professional:

1) Off Your PC:

Turn off your computer.

2) Locate the PSU:

The first thing you need to do is find the PSU on your PC. Ensure it unplugs from all other devices, including the wall adapter. You can turn off the PSU by turning off the on/off switch on the power cable if it has one.

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3) Get the Connector:

You will need to find the 24-pin connector (multimeter) on the motherboard. Which is the PSU connector with many pins. It consists of colourful cords connecting it to the motherboard. You will use this component to perform the test, so make sure you have it.

4) Take the Paper Clip Test:

After that, you will perform the paper clip test to assess the device’s functionality. Make a U-shape out of a standard paper clip. Insert one clip end into the pin that leads to the green wire. Then insert the other end into any pins that lead to the black wire.

5) Testing devices:

Alternatively, you can buy if you want to avoid performing the paper clip test. You will be able to make these same connections with the help of this program.

6) Reconnect the Power Supply Unit:

Be sure to plug in your power cord and turn on your PSU. If you notice that your PSU is not spinning the fans. Then you can bet that your power supply is malfunctioning.

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This is why you should have a professional look at it.

These are the simple steps to check the PC’s power. Hopefully, this article helped to solve your problem.

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Final Thoughts

Checking your PC’s power supply is a simple process that can help you troubleshoot issues with your computer’s performance. By following the steps outlined in this article about how to check pc power supply, you can quickly determine whether your power supply is functioning correctly or if it needs to be replaced.

Be careful when working with electrical parts, and if you aren’t sure of your skills, ask for help from a professional. A high-quality power supply keeps your PC running smoothly and prevents it from going down for no reason.

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