Grand Theft Auto 6 Is ‘Early Development’

You will still have to wait a bit longer than you had anticipated if you are still hoping to get your hands on Grand Theft Auto 6 or the upcoming game in the well-known Rockstar Games franchise. 

As you are all aware, GTA 5 was released in 2013, but according to a source, Rockstar Games appears to be only now beginning to work on the following installment of its most well-known franchise.

According to a report by Jason Schreier of Kotaku, who spoke with Rockstar Games employees on the contentious matter of crunch, the firm wants to revise its stance, which will have an impact on how the GTA is being developed.

According to Schreier, he has learned that Rockstar management has decided to create a new GTA that would debut as a “moderately sized release” and be expanded via frequent updates. 

Even by Rockstar standards, the forthcoming Grand Theft Auto, which might not be exactly Grand Theft Auto 6, will be a massive game, but it will start out smaller than you might anticipate in order to ease the pressure.

Although the game’s production is still in its early stages and things could change, several Rockstar employees have indicated that adjustments have encouraged certain people to stay.

One of the developers said,

“The changes have been sufficient for me to remain and give them a chance, but let’s see what happens down the road when the pressures of delivering a final product become reality.”