How do I reach Level 3 in the lab in Lost Ark?

To level up your lab in Lost Ark to level 3, go to this guide.

A free-to-play action MMORPG game called Lost Ark features complex PvP combat on various islands. A stronghold is one of the game’s key components. It is a building in the game that contains houses and other amenities.

It offers amenities like a lab, a workshop for making things, a station where crew members can be sent on missions, etc. It is crucial for the game to advance that Stronghold be periodically upgraded. 

However, a lab is one of the most significant services offered by a stronghold. A lab is helpful for developing recipes and learning about objects to unlock them. Additionally, a lab needs to advance to perform superior study analysis. 

Here’s how to level up your lab in Lost Ark to level 3.

How To Reach Level 3 In Lost Ark (Upgrade)

How To Reach Level 3 In Lost Ark (Upgrade)

The most significant facility provided inside a stronghold is a lab. The other amenities are automatically upgraded when a stronghold is leveled up. Therefore, you must build your lab by completing missions and doing research in order to level it up. 

Here are some other suggestions to improve your lab:

          The most efficient way to level up Lab in Lost Ark is in this manner. 

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