What is Lost Ark Universal Storage, how do I use it, and what’s missing from it?

Everything you need to know about Universal Storage in Lost Ark is provided below.

With the game’s universal storage, many Lost Ark players require assistance. It is a mechanism that safeguards your prizes and possessions until you can collect them. However, there are still a lot of unknowns regarding it, such as which characters can claim it or whether you can return it. 

So let’s look at how universal storage functions in Lost Ark, how to use it, and how to fix it when it goes missing in this article.

In Lost Ark, what is Universal Storage?

In Lost Ark, what is Universal Storage?

A system called Universal Storage keeps things for you until you claim them with a character. Before learning more about it, we would like to thank Lost Ark forum user Ethibasi for the information. Here is the link to their discussion topic:

Until you claim them, the things in the universal storage are distributed among your characters on other servers. That implies that any of your characters are free to claim them. But the item will become character- or roster-bound if you use a character to claim it.

You cannot return anything you take from Universal Storage. Therefore, you might want to hold onto it before claiming it if you have an excellent item but a bad character.

Using Universal Storage

Before using Universal Storage, you must first unlock it. And once you’ve finished the prologue, you can access it. 

Here is how to utilize it after you have it:

              Missing Universal Storage Fix

              The first thing you should do if Universal Storage is missing is make sure your new character has it unlocked. Even though it is shared among the characters, they should all unlock it before utilizing it. If you are certain that you have unlocked it, try the following:

                    In most circumstances, these three changes should remedy the problem. You should wait and try them again if they don’t work.

                    That concludes this explanation of universal storage in The Lost Ark, how to utilize it, and how to replace it if it disappears. 

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