What Exactly Is A Roster Friend?

This Lost Ark tutorial will explain what a roster friend is and who you should add as one.

One of the most popular top-down fantasy action role-playing games currently available on Steam is called Lost Ark. Within 24 hours after its release, it was the second-most-played game. 

You can unlock a huge number of materials and things in the game’s Arkesia environment. Even though exploring Arkesia’s land and fending against numerous enemies is enjoyable, having a friend is always a pleasure. Although gamers can add friends, they frequently ask about roster pals. 

This article explains what a roster friend is and how to add one in Lost Ark.

What in the Lost Ark is a roster friend?

What in the Lost Ark is a roster friend?

Imagine that you have a friend with whom you frequently play. However, your friend has been playing with many characters all along. You can add all of your friends’ characters from The Lost Ark using Roster Friend. 

So you can still play with your friend the next time they use a character you aren’t familiar with.

To organize all the characters that one can have, Roster Friend is the finest tool to use. You won’t have to bother trying to figure out what character your friends are using, which makes it much easier to find them.

How do I add a friend to a roster?

The process of adding a buddy and adding a roster friend is very similar. Almost everything about the process stays the same. 

To add a roster friend, follow these steps:

            That is all there is to know about roster friends in Lost Ark and how to add one. 

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