How do you get the Naruni Island soul in Lost Ark?

On a mission to gather every island token for the Opher? Learn how to obtain the Naruni Island soul in Lost Ark by reading this post.

In Lost Ark, discovering new places is always thrilling. You can collect a variety of treasures that are dispersed throughout Arkesia by finishing quests. Island Souls is one of these collectibles. 

You will advance toward Island Souls and gain roster XP for collecting these. For every five island souls, you will also receive new rewards such as masterpieces, aquamarines for your compass, and secret maps. 

We’ll explain how to obtain the Naruni Island soul in Lost Ark in this article.

How to Obtain the Naruni Island Soul in The Lost Ark?

How to Obtain the Naruni Island Soul in The Lost Ark?

Behind the Procyon Curtain, in the western sea, is the island of Naruni. To open the curtain, you’ll need 15 Hearts of the Islands. This will make a large area of the map, including Naruni Island, accessible.

Go Naruni!

The inhabitants of Naruni Island are little, dinosaur-like animals known as (you guessed it) Naruni. These friendly species are necessary for gathering the island soul. 

An environmental researcher will welcome you to the island. “Naruni Go!” is the name of the quest he will assign you to complete. You must catch 101 Naruni across the island to finish this mission.

Naruni’s capture

Naruni is straightforward to capture. It can become monotonous when doing this quest because it is so straightforward. Getting a Naruni:

  • Find a Naruni.
  • Learn its movement pattern by following it.
  • When it stops moving, approach it and click on it.
  • To catch it, it will take about 3 seconds.
  • You will have to start over if it moves before you have finished catching it.
  • Once you’ve finished catching 101, return to the researcher. Naruni
  • In Lost Ark, gather the Heart of Naruni Island.

The adventure is dull because there isn’t any conflict or action. But given that it is one of the simpler island souls to gather, we advise that you finish it. By gathering 20 island souls, one of the game’s most sought-after potions, you can obtain the Greater Skill Potion. 

We sincerely hope that this guide on how to obtain the Naruni Island soul in The Lost Ark was useful.

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