What Is a Co-Op Battle in Lost Ark? (Explained)

To learn everything there is to know about Lost Ark’s Co-Op battle mode, check out this tutorial.

A free-to-play action MMORPG with various maps to explore is called Lost Ark. But because of its daily quests and seasonal events, this game has a lot more to offer. The game also includes a co-op battle mode, which is essentially PvP. You can play this mode by yourself or with up to six other people. 

Here is our guide explaining everything about Lost Ark’s co-op fighting mode.

What does Lost Ark’s Co-op Battle entail?

What does Lost Ark's Co-op Battle entail?

The co-op fight mode can be a stress reliever for you if you want to take a break from the PvE games. To accomplish shared objectives with others, you can invite friends or join a PUG with total strangers. 

A co-op battle is a 6v6 encounter in which you fight alongside your buddies to score points against the opposition. The points can now be obtained through achieving goals or eliminating adversaries. Additionally, this mode is only accessible at certain times of the day at various server locations.

How To Play Co- op Battle Mode?

Play this mode with a companion to take a break from the story mode’s investigation and exploration tasks. 

Follow these instructions to play co-op battle mode with your friends:

          That is all there is to know about Lost Ark’s cooperative fighting mode.

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