Can I Move My Character To Another Server in Lost Ark?

This guide will teach you how to transfer your Lost Ark character to a different server.

An incredible MMORPG that one can play is called Lost Ark. The players will be completing numerous tasks, quests, dungeons, etc. because it is an MMORPG. Players in Lost Ark are given access to multiple characters that they can switch between as they like. 

However, if you have chosen the appropriate servers, you can play as these characters. However, there are situations when you want to switch to a different server. 

Which method would you use? If it is possible, I will demonstrate how to transfer your character to a different Lost Ark server in this article.

Can I move my Lost Ark character to a different server?

Can I move my Lost Ark character to a different server?

This question has an answer, but you might not like it. I’m sorry to be the one to break the bad news, but you cannot move any of your characters to another server. A new character you create is locked to the server you create. 

Six free characters are yours to use on any server you choose. However, once you achieve it on a specific server, it is permanently locked to that server. In order to control the steadily increasing number of players joining the game, Lost Ark purposefully made this decision.

You must create a new character on that server if you wish to play with a friend on another server. You shouldn’t feel constrained because there are 5 classes and 15 sub-classes, but your existing character’s progress won’t carry over. 

You may be allowed to transfer your characters as soon as Lost Ark is able to regulate the expansion of the player population on their servers. But since this is merely a hunch, nothing can be said.

All of this has to do with moving a character from one Lost Ark server to another.

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