How to Get More Ships in Lost Ark?

This post will teach you how to obtain more ships in Lost Ark.

A sizable map of the Lost Ark contains continents. It’s not easy to reach these continents right now. In the game, you’ll have to travel over significant stretches of ocean. Ships may be able to help you with your mission.

 However, one ship cannot assist you with every issue and danger the Oceans of Arkasia will present. As a result, you must acquire every ship in the game. 

I’ll explain how to gain more ships in Lost Ark in this guide.

How to Increase Your Ship Number in Lost Ark?

How to Increase Your Ship Number in Lost Ark?

You must finish the Set Sail Quest at Wavestrand Port in East Luterra in order to use a ship in Lost Ark. Check out our tutorial on how to unlock ships in Lost Ark for additional information on this subject. 

You will be able to travel by sea if you have finished the quest. As was already mentioned, not all ships are suitable for all sea hazards. You will therefore need to unlock more ships. To accomplish this, complete the associated quest for each ship. 

Here’s how to open them up:

  • To obtain Astray, you must create the ship and speak with Belrod in Blackfang’s Den while providing him with the required materials. The She Drifts Sea Gifts Quest in Una’s Daily Tasks must also be finished.
  • Brahms: Awarded for completing the Special Delivery Quests on Lopang Island at level 4 in reputation through Una’s daily tasks.
  • Eibern’s Wound: Awarded for completing the Black Night Fog Quest in Una’s Daily Tasks at reputation level three.
  • Reaching Level 3 in Reputation in the Ride Like in the Wind Quest in Una’s Daily Tasks will earn you Eurus.  Sturmbrecher: Awarded for finishing the North Vern Main Story.
  • After completing the Roster Quest on Aiwana Isle, you can obtain Tragon by earning Level 4 in Reputation in Hypnos’s Eyes Quest in Una’s Daily Tasks.
  • White Wind: Acquire this item by finishing the main quest in Anikka.

All of this had to do with how to open up more ships in Lost Ark. This advice has hopefully been useful to you. 

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