Lost Ark Masterpieces Guide: Where to Turn Them In?

This guide will teach you how to handle the masterpieces in Lost Ark.

An incredible MMORPG that one can play is called Lost Ark. The players will be completing numerous tasks, quests, dungeon raids, etc. because it is an MMORPG. The pursuit of masterpieces will be one of those goals. 

The player should acquire masterpieces as quickly as they can because they are collectible objects in the game. Why? That’s because you can obtain some early-game incentives to speed up your game’s progress.

I’ll explain where to turn in the masterpieces you’ve acquired in Lost Ark in this guide.

Where to Turn in the Lost Ark Masterpieces?

Where to Turn in the Lost Ark Masterpieces?

In Lost Ark, you can find collectible treasures called “Masterpieces.” After acquiring a masterpiece, you can take it to Sunflower Island and trade with Alfons Vedice, an NPC. If you give him the masterpieces, he will reward you handsomely. 

The Soul of Sunflowers Island, 4 Philanthropist’s Caskets, Rune Val, potions, and more are just a few of the rewards. In the game, a total of 52 masterpieces are available. Here’s how to obtain them:

Masterpiece Purchase

Initially, 10 masterpieces

  • First, finish the Sunflower Island quest for the Artist in Residence.
  • Second, I traded for 4,275 raid seals with Stronghold Merchant Illayne.
  • Third: Receive 30 island tokens.
  • Fourth: The East Luterra Adventure Tome is halfway finished.
  • Fifth: Halfway through the Tortoyk Adventure Book
  • 6th: The Adventure Tome in Anikka is 50% complete.
  • The North Vern Adventure Tome is 50% finished as of the seventh day.
  • 8th: The Adventure Tome in Shushire is 40% complete.
  • 9th: Finish Una’s task’s reputation criterion. the Ozhorn Hill Cursed Ruins.
  • 10th: Finish Una’s task’s reputation criterion. running Wavestrand Port’s port.

10 further masterpieces

  • Get 30 World Tree Leaves on the 11th.
  • 12th: Traded with Navigator Rosa for 3600 Gienah’s Coin in Blackfang’s Den.
  • 13th: Finish the Liebeheim Pain to Gain quest.
  • position 14, obtained by any Cube.
  • Obtained by any boss rush, 15th
  • Obtainable via any Chaos Secret Gate Map, position 16th.
  • 17th: Needs ilvl 440 to obtain; must reach Floor 25 of Shadespire.
  • Complete the Una’s Task Prisoner Release in Kalthertz reputation requirement on the 18th.
  • 19th: In Freedom Isle, finish the reputation requirement of Una’s task, An Archaeologist’s Request.
  • 20th: Traded with Favreau in Starlight Isle for 3,300 Gienah’s Coin.

Lost Ark’s third batch of ten masterpieces

  • Get 9 Giants’ Hearts on the 21st.
  • Get 55 island tokens on the 22nd.
  • Get 30 Sea Bounties on the 23rd.
  • obtained by any Cube on the 24th.
  • Obtained by any boss rush, rank 25.
  • Obtainable via Yorn’s Chaos Secret Gate Map, rank 26 and higher.
  • 27th: Traded for 10,000 pirate coins with the New Vernese Exploring Ship.
  • 28th: Finish Una’s Task Fermata’s True Manager’s Reputation Requirement in Cradle of the Sea Fermata.
  • 29th: Reach the Trusted Stage with Calvasus’ Rapport.
  • The Adventure Tome in Rohendel is 30% complete.

The fourth group of ten masterpieces

  • The Adventure Tome in Yorn is 40% complete as of the 31st.
  • Get 950 Mokoko seeds on position 32.
  • Get 11 Giants’ Hearts to place 33rd.
  • 34th: Traded for 30,000 pirate coins with Atropos Black Merchant.
  • Obtained by any boss rush, 35th
  • 36th: Elite Cube or higher required.
  • The Adventure Tome in Feiton is 40% complete as of position 37.
  • Get 75 island tokens.  Island Tokens on position 38
  • Earn 38 sea bounty points to place 39.
  • Obtained by Elite Cube or higher, position forty

Last group of artworks in the Lost Ark:

  • Any boss rush can obtain the 41st.
  • obtained with Feiton’s Chaos Secret Gate Map and higher, rank 42.
  • 43rd: 40% of the Punika Adventure Tome has been completed.
  • Get 1150 Mokoko seeds on position 44.
  • 46th: acquired by Hall of the Sun Boss Rush; 45th: acquired by Dimension Cube.
  • 47th: Accessed via Punika’s Chaos Secret Gate Map and higher.
  • 48th: Finish Una’s task’s reputation criterion. A Relaxing Part-Time Hot Springs Job in Starsand Beach
  • 49th: South Vern Adventure Tome is 60% complete.
  • 50th: Complete the Candaria Estate, South Vern Una’s Task: Unfinished Journey Reputation Requirement
  • 51st: Acquired with the Chaos Secret Gate Map of South Vern.
  • 52nd: Advance Neria’s rapport to the stage of trust.

Everything has to do with the Lost Ark puzzle of where to turn in the masterpieces. This advice has hopefully been useful to you. 

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