Radio in Sons of the Forest: How to Get It & Use It?

Are you considering purchasing a radio in Sons of the Forest to end your boredom? If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the correct place. A source of relaxation is usually appreciated when you are trapped in an environment where you must survive among frightening creatures. 

Thank goodness for radios, which can make listening enjoyable by playing music. Finding a Radio can be very difficult due to the size of the map and the lack of any indicated locations for any resources. As a result, read this article to learn where you may get and utilize it.

Location Sons of the Forest radio

Thankfully, Sons of the Forest has multiple locations where you can pick up a Radio. Here is a picture showing the places where you can buy a radio for your reference.

Location Sons of the Forest radio

Obtaining a radio can be difficult in some places. So, while looking for it, use caution. An illustration. To get the Radio, look for it next to a corpse or a camp, and you might need to break a circuit board. 

It is also advised that you go to the place indicated on the southwest. This is due to the fact that Sons of the Forest will have a red-colored radio there.

How Should I Use a Radio?

Once you’ve found a radio, you can change channels by pressing and holding the ‘E’ button. Additionally, you can give Kelvin instructions to return the Radio to your base. 

The problem where the Radio would disappear once Kelvin dropped it has been resolved in the most recent patch update. You are now free to proceed, so don’t worry.