Sons of the Forest Energy Mix Recipe

The most recent survival-horror game to enter the market this spring is Sons of The Forest. You must learn to survive while stranded on an island in the middle of an unending ocean until you discover a way to leave. 

The game expands on the main gameplay created by developer Endnight by including mutants, cannibals, and a sinister secret that haunts the island. A useful skill that you can use while out exploring is crafting. 

Let’s examine the creation process for Sons of the Forest’s Energy Mix.

Sons of the Forest: How to Craft Energy Mix and Energy Mix+?

In Sons of the Forest, energy is a resource that is just as crucial as water or food. You use energy as you scavenge for components, hunt for food, and, most importantly, when battling (or flee). You can make some essential dishes or concoctions that aid you in several ways with herbs.

What you need to make an Energy Mix is listed below.

  • 1 Arrowleaf
  • 1 Chicory

Yellow-flowered arrowleaf is a plant that grows all over the island. In some areas, a plant called chicory with white blossoms can be found. Here is a short guide to assist you if you are having trouble finding the plant.

Energy Mix+, an improved version of the mix, is also craftable. It’s everything right here.

  • 1 Chicory
  • 1 Fireweed
  • 1 Devil’s Club

While Devil’s Club is a shrub with red berries, Fireweed is a tall stem with pink flowers. These can be discovered while touring the island. You can use this guide to your advantage to find the locations of Fireweed and Devil’s Club. 

Add the ingredients to your inventory and click the gear to combine to create one of the two combinations.