Sons of the Forest: Twinberries: How to Get Them and Use Them?

You may have encountered a fruit called Twinberries while playing Sons of the Forest. If your health is poor or you are hungry, you might be eager to ingest them right immediately, but you shouldn’t. 

In this game, there are items you should and shouldn’t consume, just like there are foods that are dangerous in real life. So, for a brief explanation of how to obtain and utilize Twinberry in this game.

Locations of Twinberries in Sons of the Forest

In this game, Twinberries are virtually everywhere on the Island. In particular, search for bushes in woodlands, which are the finest areas to hunt for them. Their distinctive red leaves make them noticeable from a distance. 

You can get them by just interacting with the bushes while exploring. There are three Twinberries in each patch on each bush. Therefore, each bush yields 3 of them.

How Do Twinberries Be Used?

This item should only be used as a last option to satisfy the hunger of your character. In some ways, eating it is more harmful than beneficial.

You could eat it to improve your fullness if your character is truly hungry. But keep in mind that because it is poisonous, it reduces your health in exchange. Additionally, it doesn’t offer any kind of hydration. There is no other known usage for this item besides that. These berries are limited to 20 per person.

That is all there is to know about where to find and how to use Twinberries in Sons of the Forest. Check out our Sons of the Forest section while you’re here as well.