Things We Hope GTA 6 Will Include: Your Wishlist for the Next Installment

With each new sequel, the Grand Theft Auto series continues to be the most dominating and well-liked game franchise in recent memory. A game in the series hasn’t been released in more than 7 years, but every day, 100,000 gamers log in to participate in activities that don’t seem to have a conclusion.

But since the debut of GTA V back in 2013, there have been a lot of changes made to the gaming industry, making GTA V occasionally feel outdated in comparison to other games.

Since GTA V, Rockstar’s creators have been working on other games, but aside from the fact that GTA 6 is in development, there doesn’t seem to have been any actual information on the game.

We’ve compiled a list of elements that Rockstar should include in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game. This is our wishlist of features that, in our opinion, would increase the game’s immersion beyond what it already does and draw in more players, making GTA 6 the biggest and finest game available for years to come.

Our Wishlist for GTA 6

Our Wishlist for GTA 6

I’m adding my GTA 6 wish list of items I’d like to see. I want support for mods before all else since the entire GTA IP is well-known for modding. In GTA 63, Rockstar must raise the green flag.

Improved Graphics

One of the most impressive things about each new Grand Theft Auto game is the level of detail put into the graphics. From the neon lights of Vice City to the sprawling metropolis of Los Santos, each game has brought its own unique visual style to the table. With the power of modern consoles and PCs, we can only imagine how much more impressive the graphics in GTA 6 will be.

  • More realistic character models and animations
  • Improved lighting and shadows
  • More detailed environments, including dynamic weather and day/night cycles
  • Support for 4K resolution and ray tracing technology

Better Gun Controls

If you’ve recently started playing GTA V, you’ll notice right away that, to put it mildly, the gun controls are terrible. How dated some of the game mechanics are can be shown by the fact that Rockstar creators do not even give you the option of using a cross-hair in the game.

Each gun you get in the game generally has the same feel, and all you have is a tiny white dot that you must aim at targets in order to shoot them. Different firearms don’t even feel different, and the unnatural recoil of each one is the same.

Better gun controls and a more comprehensive experience when a character carries a gun are both necessary for a game that heavily relies on violence to sell its theatrics, such as GTA 6.

Driving Mechanics

In GTA V, driving vehicles is enjoyable. We do not take it for granted and have traveled countless kilometers cruising through the streets of Los Santos, but driving is the same everywhere. Red Dead Redemption 2 is an excellent example of how no two paths are identical.

In GTA V, cars can appear to be paperweights since they either fly off the road upon impact or never give you the assurance that the rubber on your tire and the pavement are working together. Rockstar can greatly improve the way that vehicles appear to glide around the streets of Los Santos, in our opinion.


Even though the majority of the GTA series’ missions have involved either driving from one location to another, shooting someone down, or a combination of these things, it can significantly detract from the overall experience. The first game in the series that require players to try new things was GTA V.

We would like to see a more flexible task structure in GTA 6 similar to the Hitman series, where players can choose how they want to complete the missions. 

Because of this, every player will have a unique experience, and every playthrough will feel unique and result in unique results. As a result, every choice you make will be more consistent with the plot and have an impact on the game’s replay value.

While we appreciate the entire plot that the writers at Rockstar provide for us, what if we could be the narrator of our own experience with GTA 6? That would make the game much more memorable because it would be your own actions that led to a startling and unexpected turn.


Even though it is known that all of the GTA games take place in the same universe and that all of the characters are from the same nation, it would be amazing to see some of the previous characters’ legacies preserved.

If Vice City returns to the GTA Series, we would want to see the Vercetti mansion there, not only as something you can view but also as a property you can buy so you can observe how much the area has evolved over time. 

Instead of being a part of a single line of speech in the game’s never-ending narrative, this will give us a deeper understanding of what happened to our favorite characters throughout the years.

Mod Support

The modders are the only group that can immediately identify the game’s shortcomings and contributes original material to fill those gaps. GTA V contains a ton of unofficial tweaks that add extra interior spaces, giving Los Santos a finished appearance by allowing you to enter more buildings and discover more activities.

The interiors and the fact that players must do more than just change their clothes and save the game inside their safe houses need to contrast with how expansive and absurd the exterior is. 

When anything in a game is missing, modders are the first to notice, thus if GTA promotes this behavior, we will undoubtedly see pieces of art being added to the game without Rockstar having to take any action.

Enhanced Gameplay Mechanics

While the graphics in GTA games have always been impressive, it’s the gameplay that keeps fans coming back for more. With each new game, Rockstar has introduced new mechanics that keep the game feeling fresh and exciting. 

Here are some features we hope will be included in GTA 6.

  • Improved driving mechanics, including more realistic physics and damage models
  • The expanded hand-to-hand combat system, with more moves and combos
  • More diverse missions, including heists and other large-scale operations
  • Greater NPC interactivity, with more opportunities for player choice and consequences

These are the top features that we think the upcoming GTA game should contain; if you have any other fantastic suggestions for what you’d like to see in the game, be sure to post a comment and let us know.