Sons of the Forest: Yarrow’s Location

Son of the Forest emphasizes resourcefulness as the key to survival. Players have to make the most of their surroundings when stranded on a desolate island with nothing but their survival gear. 

The island is home to a variety of vegetation in addition to cannibals and mystics. Here is a simple tutorial to help you locate Yarrow in Sons of the Forest because it is one of those plants that seems to elude gamers.

Sons of the Forest: How to Get Yarrow?

Sons of the Forest: How to Get Yarrow?

Yarrow might be the most obvious plant in the game due to its white blossoms, as opposed to other plants. Although yarrow is found all over the island, the Rebreather and Stun Gun cave is the best location to harvest it. 

Near the river delta at the top, the cave is located north of the Snowy Mountains. Go to the cave and follow the coastline; the plant is in the vegetation close to the beaches. 

You should obtain a good number of yarrow every time you respawn into the game because it is typically found in clumps of 10 to 20 plants.

Virginia is a different route you might use to reach Yarrow. She may occasionally give you presents, such as Yarrow flowers, and even seeds, if you build enough trust with her. Just provide Virginia with clothing and food to establish trust. 

You can plant the Yarrow seeds at your base to grow your own crop. Making the Heath Mix is the primary usage of yarrow. You may prepare some useful medication using Aloe Vera and other ingredients that will be quite beneficial when you go exploring.

That’s all there is to the process of obtaining Yarrow in Sons of the Forest.