Answers to In Truth’s Steps Part 3 of Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact players that provide the right responses and uncover the truth will be rewarded in Part 3 of In Truth’s Steps.

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A Parade of Providence, one of the main events, Akademia Extravaganza, and six gameplay modes are all available as part of the 3.6 release.

In Truth’s Steps is one of these modes, where players must listen to a story and inquire about it in order to analyze and discover the truth. You can listen to the complete narrative and attempt to decipher the truth, but we have already done so and have the solutions in this place.

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So, if you’d rather avoid the headache, we advise that you read the information below in its entirety.

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Answers to all questions in Genshin Impact’s In Truth’s Steps Part 3

Players can now finally finish Part 3 of In Truth’s Steps if they have already finished Part 2 of the game. You should be familiar with what to do in this game mode by now, so all you need are the solutions.

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After letting Bahar tell the tale, click Analyze to start the questions and answers phase. Here are all the solutions for the Genshin Impact game’s In Truth’s Steps, Part 3:

And what about the leave permits’ present status?

All of the leave authorizations are in the possession of their rightful owners.

Did everyone use their leave permit?

Everyone obtained a leave authorization.

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Why was one leave authorization form left in the box?

The box was taken together with the slip, which is the correct response.

Full Truth for Part 3 of In Truth’s Steps

You will learn the entire truth now that you have chosen all of the right answers. The final person to claim a leave permit took it along with the box when it was issued.

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All Commendations for Genshin Impact’s In Truth’s Steps Part 3