How To Change Scaramouche’s Name In Genshin Impact?

One of the most potent characters in Genshin Impact who also happens to be one whose name you may change is the five-star anemo character “Scaramouche.” He is also referred to as a Wanderer until the conclusion of the “Inversion of Genesis” Archon Quest. But after that, you have the option of renaming him.

It’s crucial to remember that you will only have two chances to rename.

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Continue reading our guide to learn more about the prospects and guidelines for renaming.

How to Rename Scaramouche in Genshin Impact?

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It is possible to rename your Scaramouche only two times, so make sure you take advantage of these opportunities.

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After Genesis’s inversion

You will receive your first opportunity to change the name of your Wanderer in Genshin Impact when you complete the “Interlude Chapter: Act III – Inversion of Genesis” quest, also known as “The Kabukimono’s Finale.” This is a mandatory step that you must complete. The player will only be prompted to change the name of their Scaramouche after finishing this mission.

The afferent stroke

The Appellative Stroke is the second key to opening the door to titling your Scaramouche. One of the items found after completing the Archon Quest is the Appellative Stroke, which is kept in your “Precious Inventory Items.” Keep in mind that you may only alter the name once using this.

The name modifications you make right away cannot be undone because they are preserved indefinitely.

Therefore, abide by the following guidelines to prevent any issues.

Renaming Guidelines for Wanderer