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Overwatch 2 Baptiste Defense Strategy

The ideal OW2 heroes to pick when Baptiste is close by

Thanks to his incredible healing skills, Baptiste has the potential to be the most effective hero on any battlefield he plays. It’s best to deal with him as soon as you can, and to assist you, we have put together a list of the top Overwatch 2 heroes who can defeat Baptiste.

Overwatch 2: How to Counter Baptiste

How To Counter Baptiste In Overwatch 2

Here are the heroes who, in our opinion, would go head-to-head with Baptiste.

1. Genji

When it comes to damage, Genji is one of the most potent heroes in the game. The optimal strategy is swift, successive assaults that overwhelm Baptiste, which is where Genji comes in. Baptiste is all about healing his team and harming opponents; therefore, Genji is the best choice.

Any enemy will die from the combination of the Shuriken and Swift Strike, and Genji’s double leap and wall climb will help you keep up with Baptiste as he runs away to complete the kill.

2. Roadhog

Like most tanks, Roadhog has a sizable health reserve and a serviceable primary weapon. But it’s his Chain Hook, of course, that gives him the ideal counter to Baptiste.

Baptistes are easiest to catch when they release their immortality fields, as this will negate any effects and make them easy to dispatch.

3. Sombra

The finest weapon Sombra possesses is stealth, and flanking comes naturally to her. She has a significant advantage over Baptiste, who plays well behind her teammates and is more passive. 

Sombra’s hack is a fantastic weapon for overcoming the immortality field and dealing substantial damage to Baptiste.

These heroes are excellent defenders against any beast you encounter.